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5 must-have travel gadgets of 2014

Traveling can leave a sense of anxiety in the minds of some; the best way to overcome it is to gadget up and be prepared for anything! Whether you’re taking the family on vacation or traveling for business, these tech gadgets will put your mind at ease… here are our 5 must-have travel gadgets this year. Ultraviolet bacteria and pathogen killing water wand Have you ever woken up in a tropical country, had a sip of water and thought, wait, is this safe? SteriPen is a nifty portable water-purifying wand that will evaporate this problem and save you from spending a small fortune on bottled water. It’s easy to use, simply pop the wand into a glass of water and 48 seconds later its completely purified, no annoying plug-ins or dissolving tablets involved. Luggage tracker Trakdot is a great little device that acts as a GPS tracker for your luggage. You just pop it in your luggage and you can track its location through your phone or online anywhere in the world. It even makes the lengthy baggage claim process go smoother by sending you a notification when your bag is 30 feet away. Perfect for the discerning traveler who’s concerned about their checked in luggage missing their flight. Luggage tracker iPhone battery and storage pack For travelers on the go the only thing worse than not having enough storage space on your iPhone is seeing that low battery icon. Mophie Space Pack is a 2 in one solution that doubles storage space & battery life. It’s designed to seamlessly merge with the iPhone as a hard shell snap on cover. It’s app effortlessly integrates with iTunes, photo gallery and allows you to organize and store any file type; you can even AirPlay straight from Space Pack. It’s a must have companion for any lengthy voyage. iPhone battery and storage pack Keychain projector The Sekonix DLP Pico Keychain Projector is the smallest projector in the world. It comfortably fits in your pocket & it’s so easy to use, simply plug it into your smartphone, tablet, or PC, point it towards any flat surface, sit back and enjoy. Now you can keep the kids entertained during those painfully long transits or share your travel photos anywhere, anytime with this handy little device. Portable notebook lock Ever settled down in a café with a conveniently situated plug point for your laptop only to have it stolen when you took a quick bathroom break? The Kensington Combination Portable Notebook Lock allows you to safely leave your laptop behind. It’s lightweight design makes it perfect for traveling and its unparalleled strength and durability ensures safety regardless of where you are. Portable notebook lock Lizi Oldham is the Digital Marketing Manager at Amazing Accom. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. iPhone battery, for sure my #1 travel gadget!! I never heard about such a luggage tracker, it seems also very interesting ; what about its price ?

  2. The luggage tracker is an amazing idea! Not bad for £80. For people who are unfortunate enough to have their luggage go missing, it must be a bit of a relief to be able to know where it is, rather than relying on an airport or airline.

  3. SteriPen works great. Great for hiking where you don’t have reliable water – and sure would come in handy in many 3rd world countries where you can’t trust the water and are forced to use those horrible plastic water bottles everywhere. Just takes a minute to sterilize 12 ounces. Lightweight too.

  4. I love the idea of that luggage tracker! That would be a headache less to worry about and ofcourse that iPhone battery pack! Brilliant. I might just get one before our next trip which is next week. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Why is it impossible to find a price anywhere for those Pico phone projectors? There is NOTHING more frustrating!!!

  6. Hi Reed

    NOTHING more frustrating?! Really?

    It certainly doesn’t seem so easy to find a price, but I could think of other things that are more frustrating… ;-)



    That appears to be the product (or close to the same), but a different picture as on the DLP site. It retails for $221.99 there.



  7. The luggage tracker is RRP $119. There is annual subscription fee after first year which is $23.50.

    Sandra, The portable notebook lock’s cable is extremely strong. It can’t even be cut by a wire cutters.

  8. Sandra, why do you not take a look at websites like ebay, mostly they have the best prices out there! I also bought it at ebay myself.

  9. Totally going to order the luggage GPS. I had no idea you could buy such a thing! Fab for bags with high cost items (my photography gear). So glad I saw this

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