5 tips for choosing cold-weather destination luggage

Luxury travel destinations aren’t limited to sun-soaked, white sand beaches and exotic islands. While tropical warmth and frolicking pool or yacht-side are indicative of the typical, enviable getaways, there are equally dreamy, just as fun, cold-weather options. Late fall and winter travel to havens like Park City, Telluride, and Austria is just as fun and requires an equal amount of travel planning and preparation. The biggest thing to consider when headed to icier, snow-laden surroundings is luggage. To help keep things simple, it could be useful to keep these 5 characteristics/details in mind when choosing your cold-weather luggage. 1. Color is key When you’re headed to a cooler climate, it is important to keep in mind that the color schemes of your surroundings will likely reflect the richness and intensity of fall and winter. You’re not likely to see an abundance of pastels, watercolors, and neons. Know your destination and don’t get caught unprepared. Black, brown, red and orange hues are go-to colors when choosing cold-weather luggage. The Korchmar Adventure Spinner 20” Leather Carry-On is a fine example. Its olive-brown, two-tone shade represents fall and winter travel color versatility. Korchmar Adventure Spinner 20 Leather Carry-On 2. Maintain the luxury of leather even on the weekends There is something about the prospect of heading to the snow that evokes the look and feel of luxurious, decadent leather. When most of us consider leather luggage, we think of trunks and larger suitcases. As gorgeous as those styles are, they were made with heavier packing and longer trips in mind. But what if your winter destination is just for the weekend? The Jack Georges Voyager Collection Leather Cabin Bag is a great, short trip option. In rich brown or black, it’s large enough for all of your weekend essentials and easily works as a carry-on. Georges Voyager Collection Leather Cabin Bag 3. Lightweight carry-on Prepping for chillier climates involves pulling together heavier coats, parkas, wool sweaters, furs, and down jackets. If your excursion will include time on the slopes, ski boots, pants and other essentials will be along for the ride. As fun as playtime in the snow can be, heavy bags aren’t a part of such a good time. When keeping things lightweight is the priority, choose a carry-on that is made of polycarbonate. The hard shell material of polycarbonate is scratch and water-resistant, durable, and lightweight. The Samsonite Black Label FIRELITE 20″ Carry On Spinner Luggage (4.5 lbs) is an excellent example of heavy packing made light. Samsonite Black Label FIRELITE 20 Carry On Spinner Luggage 4. Inland excursions No matter where the airplane takes you for your wintertime getaway, whether it’s Lake Tahoe, a resort in Vail, or the French Alps, nine times out of ten, a trek into the nearest city will be on the agenda. When it comes to getting the messenger or city bag that’s right for cold-weather travel; strength, durability, and adequate storage capability are imperative. Easy access to essentials such as: gloves, lip balm, sunglasses, maps of utmost importance when exploring a city during its coldest wave. Look for a city bag that is adjustable, fully-equipped with multiple closures and zippers, and made of softer, more pliable leather. The Jack Georges Spikes and Sparrows Leather City Bag is an example of the versatility and functionality that are so important when you’re out and about and pounding the cold weather pavement. Jack Georges Spikes and Sparrows Leather City Bag 5. When cold-weather duty calls When business instead of playtime (or a little of both) takes you to snow-capped, alpine, or Swiss destinations, being prepared for both the meeting and the frigid air prospects is paramount. The collision of business and cold air calls for maneuverability and versatility. Look for briefcases that are appropriately compartmentalized with substantial storage and organization potential. Just because the trip might be a quick, in and out jaunt, you never know when that spare scarf, jacket, or pair of earmuffs will come in handy between meetings. The Jack Georges Elements Collection Rolling Briefcase Leather Laptop Case, offering a padded compartment for a laptop and an accordion divider for files and documents, is a prime example of cold climate, jet-setting versatility. Jack Georges Elements Collection Rolling Briefcase Leather Laptop Case By keeping these tips in mind during your purchase of cold-weather luggage purchasing, you can rest assured that, no matter the destination or length of stay, you will select bags that are appropriately colored, durable, versatile, lightweight, and business-ready. Tony Tomasyan is Founder and Managing Director at GotBriefcases.com. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Interesting to read about the color concepts! Never really thought about that before but thanks for sharing that information. I definitely agree with the lightweight options but I think this is valid all year round, especially with more and more people looking for the ultimate convenience package when traveling. No one wants to check bags anymore and the lighter carry-ons you can find, the better!

  2. Love all of these suggestions, stylish and practical. I have a larger version of the Samsonite Firelite that I always take as my main suitcase when I travel for anything more than a long weekend. It really is superb, so light and easy to manoeuvre as well as strong.

  3. Great tips! I always forget to put lip balm in my luggage. The result is that my lips are disappointed from my negligence. Last year I was in the Alps and my lips were so bad that I had to find a store and bought a lip balm from there. Don`t do my mistake. Take care of your lips!

  4. Thanks for the helpful information on picking good cold-weather luggage. I appreciate that you mentioned that it’s important that the carry-on bag should be made of polycarbonate, especially since it’s durable and scratch resistant. My sister has been thinking about going on a trip soon, so maybe these tips could help her find some appropriate luggage if she does decide to go.

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    Thanks for your informative and helpful suggestions. Your tips are so useful to me. Your work is rock. Keep doing.

    Priyota Parma

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