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Top 3 restaurants in Chania, Crete, with owners’ best-kept secrets!

Crete’s natural beauty is equaled only by the richness of its history. This unique nature, a fruitful blend of sun, sea and the mountain terrain inspired Cretan people to develop their own culinary scene which was also the foundation of the Mediterranean diet. The cuisine has a real personality and undeniable local style sourced by ingredients such as the virgin olive oil, herbs and cheese. Small taverns in local farms, distinguished restaurants and wineries all leave their mark with a secret element: the Cretan soul. In search for the best restaurants in Chania, the below restaurants definitely worth visiting: Gramvoussa Restaurant The restaurant is named after the peninsula of Gramvoussa at the northwestern part of Crete Island, nearby the famous beach of Balos. It’s not big, it’s not showy, but it has great views and an amazing garden with a homey atmosphere. The dishes are based on mostly organic produce such as fresh vegetables, virgin Cretan olive oil, thyme honey, local herbs and local meat and fish while the recipes are originating back to early 18th century Cretan diet. The restaurant is famous for the veal with tomato and local pasta and the rabbit wrapped in lemon leaves. Gramvoussa Restaurant Dounias Restaurant The restaurant is cited near the village Drakona, a few kilometres after Therissos village and the stunning gorge under the same name. A little bit the ambience of the place, the location, the friendly but also loud owner and the homegrown food, create a culinary experience close to the Cretan heart. The restaurant has been awarded the Quality label of the Cretan Cuisine, while the owner and cook Mr. Trilirakis has created a menu to revive flavors from older generations, creating the gastronomy center for the Cretan diet called Dounias. The cook/owner only uses ingredients produced by his family or fellow villagers while his signature dishes include chicken with noodles and stuffed zucchini blossoms. A highlight is the kitchen with chimney – corners, wood solves and the wood oven. Dounias Restaurant Thalassino Ageri Restaurant The restaurant is cited in Tabakaria Chania, the old quarter of Halepa. The scenery with the vacant industrial buildings on the background and the uninterrupted sea view is cinematic and quite unique. A table next to the sea is highly recommended. The menu is based on fresh fish and make sure you try lobster with pasta, fried shark with garlic sauce and fried sardines. Thalassino Ageri Restaurant George Koletsos is Co-Founder of Kudos Life Experiences. Kudos Life Experiences is a custom-designed private travel specialist to Greece, for the discerning and sophisticated traveler who is seeking to return to the authentic form of personal discovery and explore really life-enriching travel experiences. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

George Koletsos

George Koletsos is the Founder and CEO of Kudos Life Experiences. Kudos Life Experiences is a bespoke luxury travel specialist, delivering life-enriching journeys that can deeply touch the soul of the sophisticated traveller, through a selective offer of authentic experiences that most people are unaware they could discover. In doing so, we create and deliver unique travel stories, we uncover and provide handpicked accommodation, and we are proud of our insiders extraordinary service, always preserving the highest standards of privacy and execution that set us apart. Prior to Kudos, George has served as the Secretary General of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO).

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  1. Three decent choices we can all agree although the third will be over priced as you pay for location in the old town the beauty of this island is you could visit a hundred restaurant tavernas and equally palet excitement at all
    Take a visit to western crete and enjoy

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