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Keep calm and carry on. These overhead approved carry on bags are the perfect mix of class and compact-chic for your journey. There are many important characteristics to consider when looking for the perfect carry on. Whether it’s for a long haul journey or is just serving as a weekender bag your carry on fits the essentials you always need on hand. The most important point to consider is whether your carry on bag meets in-flight requirements (weight and dimensions).While you may be able to sneak past the watchdogs at baggage claim you’ll be stuck with your feet stacked on your oversized bag if it does not fit in the overhead compartment. Check out our selection of chic carry on bags; some are part of a luxe set and others are unique enough to stand alone. Keep reading below. Rimowa Bossa Nova Cabin Multi-wheel Celebrity favourite, Rimowa has designed coveted luggage for over 150 years. In 1937 their first aluminum trunks were released. Modern and lighter designs are now made of polycarbonate and the sleek looks are definitely a must-consider. Our favourite is the Bossa Nova Cabin Multiwheel. Liken to luxury cars the interior is plush with leather accents and creamily quilted-a contrast to the forest green of the exterior. Unzipped the bag features two flex divider systems with plenty of room for your laptop and other carry aboard pieces. Part of a set, you can match your cabin carry on with other Rimowa Bossa Nova pieces. Rimowa Bossa Nova Ebby Rane Quartermaster Cargo The Ebby Rane Quartermaster Cargo was designed with organization in mind.Available in three colours (black, creamy white and army green) the variety of packing options are endless. Designed by former corporate lawyer Sonja Salmon and launched in 2013 Ebby Rane pieces have been rocked by globetrotters and featured in international publications. Ebby Raine The perfectionist-packer will be in bliss using the Carry All 10 in their Quarter Master Cargo luggage. These glamorized packing cubes each serve a specific need. The 10-piece packing system includes a laundry bag, tech case, bath/beach bag, underwear back liquids case, jewels case, dust cover, a vanity case, two shoe sleeves, and a cosmetics case. Each piece has its own place in the luggage so packing is a breeze. Pockets fit all of the separate pieces for easy closure and organization. The hard cased carry on is a light but protective polycarbonate which sits on 360-spinning wheels. TUMI Tegra-Lite  Named after a Peruvian knife used for sacrifices, Tumi’s heritage lies in international travel. It’s founder created the company after his time travelling in the Peace Corps. The Tumi Tegra-Lite is roomy and simple. Tumi luggage is known for high quality no-frills style as each piece is tailored perfectly for jetsetting life. While not the prettiest of the bunch the 4-wheeled spinner is durable. The hard case itself is made from Tegris® created by Milliken® (used by NASCAR racecar parts) for premium impact resistance. The closure system ensures the Omega Zipper puller would be caught not the entire zipper in case of damage while in transport. The lightweight aluminum handle tube system makes for easy wheeling while quickly connecting flights. Should your luggage be lost a 20 digit number links the owner to the Tumi database making your bag trackable if anyone reports it as found. Tumi Tegra Rudsak Hendon Suitcase Montreal based Rudsak is known for their incredible jacket designs. Canadians bundle up in Rudsak’s fashionable down filled and fur trimmed jackets to combat the cold. From bold overalls to statement shoes their collections are filled with must-have pieces every season. Their recent Fall/Winter 2015 runway show opened with a jetsetting model starting on the opposite end of the catwalk walking towards a split-flap display of departures. She wheeled a sleek black Hendon suitcase down the runway towards her destination and the crowd took note. Rudsak Hendon The unassuming case has several external pockets for easy access while on the go or even on your flight. This is perfect for those not carrying purses or side bags, small pieces can be stowed away quickly without the chance of losing them. Complete with leather trim and subtle logo detailing it is unmistakably a Rudsak design. The two wheeled spinner is compact in lightweight nylon and features a set leather coated handle at the top and a metal raisable handle for pulling. Mulberry Henry Trolley Case English label Mulberry, is known for their stylish bags for business and fashion-minded buyers. Founded in 1971 they are best known for their leather goods. Naming bags after celebrities Alexa Chung, Cara Delevingne and Lana Del Rey repopularized the bag under the direction of Emma Hill. Their long-standing travel line features an array of pieces for short adventures to long expeditions. Mulberry Carry on The Henry Trolley Case is a black carry-on trimmed with gold accents. The nylon case comes with a simple interior decorated with Mulberry trees. A golden clasp holds one half of the internal piece together while a zipped compartment separates the other side. Complete with a name tag, leather handle and separate pouch this simple case will do the trick when on a weekender trip. What is your usual go-to carry on?

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  1. Hey, I like your post about the suitcases, I am about to go away on a year abroad myself so I will definitely consider one of these :) Thanks for the advice :)

  2. What a great collection of carry-ons. I find the Rimowa Bossa Nova Cabin Multi-wheel as my favorite. It has a nice look and is light weight. It also appears to have plenty of room.

  3. My partner has a Rimowa and absolutely loves it. It’s been everywhere and keeps looking better with age. I’m more of a Tumi kind of guy.

  4. The Samsonite series are great as well. Super durable and colourful. I checke in my large one from that series on something like 10 or 15 long haul flights with layovers and it is still in a perfect condition.

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