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4 things to do in Nuremberg’s Old Town

Germany’s medieval Bavarian town of Nuremberg is home to the world famous Christkindlemarkt, Renaissance genius Albrect Dürer, and one of the most important medieval castles in Euorope — all of which can be found in Old Town. Surrounded by its original medieval wall, Old Town is one of the most historic places in Germany. Nuremberg The best way to see Old Town is on foot. Walking around the picture-perfect setting, with the pretty Pegnitz River and the castle in the background, it’s hard to believe that 90% of Nuremberg had to be reconstructed post-war. Walk the cobblestone streets, enjoy the atmosphere of timbered architecture and grab some local delicacies, like gingered Nuremberg Lebkuchen and red beer. Here are four things to do in Old Town. Hausbrauerei Altstadthof The first organic craft brewery in Germany, Hausbrauerei Altstadthof specializes in delicious red beer.  At one point, Nuremberg had more than six acres of underground beer cellars. You can tour the brewery, then enjoy the various craft brews in the copper and wood brewpub. You’ll find a bowl of hops on your table (you can eat it), and get to choose from a variety of beer, but it’s best to get a sampler and try several. Organic brewery It’s a family friendly pub with a children’s menu and cozy booths. Food specialties include Franconian Potato Soup, salad made with local produce, and heavier typical German fare like Bratwurst. They have bottles to go, so you can buy a few pints to take home. This brewery is located just down the hill from the castle, so it would be a great place to stop after touring the Kaiserburg. Albrect Dürer House If you are a fan of Albrect Dürer, you will love being able to stand in his kitchen. It’s a thrill to wander around inside his home and imagine him there, and it’s particularly exciting to inhabit his studio. The museum has placed interpretive furniture and supplies in the home to help your imagination. Interactive touch screen displays help make the period come to life, showcasing Dürer’s major works as well as the other famed artists and masterpieces of the time. Sometimes there are printing demonstrations held in the studio. For more Albrect Dürer, head right around the corner to the Albrect Dürer Stube restaurant for some excellent traditional German fare amid Dürer prints and paraphernalia. Albrecht Durer House Nuremberg Castle The former residence of the Holy Roman Emperor, Nuremberg’s Imperial Castle, aka Kaiserburg, is situated on a hill offering spectacular panoramic views of the city. The Medieval castle is the symbol of the city and was once a popular stopping point for journeying royals. If only the walls could talk. Nuremberg Castle Built on a beautiful sandstone rock in in the corner of Old Town, the castle was one of the most important structures of the Holy Roman Empire throughout the middle ages. You’ll hear Nuremberg referred to as the unofficial capitol of the Holy Roman Empire for the numerous courts and assemblies that were held at the the castle. Restaurant Sebald Named for the patron saint of Nuremberg, Sebald Restaurant offers a cozy upscale dining experience in a Mediterranean inspired atmosphere decorated with whimsical artwork.  The bright green fresh Pea Soup with lobster is phenomenal and it’s worth visiting Sebald for that alone. Enjoy by candlelight with some local beer or wine, then stroll around the cobbled neighborhood post-dinner. Sebold Restaurant artwork Images #1, #3 and #4: Shutterstock Leah DeAngelis is Editor of Best Travel Gear. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Great post. I would love to have an organic craft beer and walk around the old town to see what the city of Nuremberg has to offer. The castle looks beautiful.

  2. Thank you for reading Marc. The beer was really good, I hope you get to taste it some day. Beer in Germany for me tastes better than anywhere else. Weiss Beer in particular is epecially wonderful.

  3. The food and drink seem like a very high point in Nuremberg. I love German buildings, they’re full of characteristics. I love the fact that you can take your beer home with you! The Castle looks like a wonderful place to see also.

  4. I love German buildings too, and in Nuremberg you fine very interesting architecture especially with beautiful human figures on corners of buildings that once functioned as house numbers. I was fascinated by those and was told they were unique to Nuremberg. Thank you for reading Leanne!

  5. Germany is a cool cool place to visit. I think some of the structures dated back to hundreds of years ago. Nuremberg see you sometime!!

  6. Great post! I visited Nuremberg and loved it. It was such a charming town, and the castle tour was really interesting. I would love to return for the Christmas market one day.

  7. We have been to Nuremburg twice now… Both summer and winter. Such a beautiful place and a favourite in Germany.

  8. Thank you for reading Isaac, Kimberly, and Holly! I really enjoyed the character of Nuremberg too. Christmastime was especially busy and festive, I’d also like to return in the summer for a different atmosphere. Each season brings its own pleasures.

  9. I am from Berlin myself, but I enjoy the food in Nuremberg and its surrounding towns and villages so much :)
    It really is a great destination for a quick trip imo.
    Best wishes, Felix

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