3 of the best places to eat lobster in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands are packed full of exciting cuisine using fresh local produce and Lobster is one of the many fantastic delicacies on offer when in season. Many of the islands have a fantastic diversity of dining from fine dining restaurants with award winning wine cellars to casual beach barbeques and sandbank beach bars. The cuisine of the Caribbean is always something that excites both our team and clients as memories of seared octopus, grilled Lobster or a simple roti washed down with a rum punch comes waving over them. It keeps us returning for more and more… We have selected our top three places to eat Lobster in the Caribbean through our personal experiences.

Petit St Vincent, The Grenadines

Petit St Vincent is renowned for being a luxurious private island hideaway in the Grenadines but it also serves some of the finest Lobster in the Caribbean. Guests are invited to choose their Lobster from the islands Lobster pot which is filled daily by local fisherman. Best served on the hotel’s famous weekly barbeque nights, the chef will then fire it up on the barbeque in front of you whilst coating it with a simple light garlic butter.. Delicious with a cold glass of white.

Petit St Vincent

If leaving your private cottage for dinner doesn’t take your fancy- Simply wave your flag and your deliciously barbecued Lobster and accompaniments will be served straight to your private terrace. Guests of Petit St Vincent can enjoy unlimited Lobster within their full board meal basis. The record currently stands at a staggering 27 Lobsters in 7 days!

Petit St Vincent Island


The Island of Anguilla is well known for it’s barbecuing, grilling and fantastic dining and has an outstanding selection of dining options. With high end restaurants, beach front shacks and even rustic beach bars on a sandbank off the shore, visitors can tuck into divine Lobster, local crayfish and fantastic flavourful jerk all washed down with a killer rum punch.

Anguilla Scilly Cay

With the standard of  dining being so high across the Island it is hard to identify the “best”.. So we have chosen one casual beach bar on the Island and one sandbank island with a killer beach bar just off the coast. If you are heading to Anguilla put these places top of your list!

Smokey’s at the Cove is a simple, sand under foot beach bar with fantastic live music, a great atmosphere and huge delicious lobsters. Next- Our sandbank retreat, Scilly Cay is a short boat ride from Island Harbour. Take your snorkelling gear so you can spend the day working up an appetite before enjoying your fresh Lobster, pasta salad and crusty bread.  Cntraveller once called this island “the ultimate beach bar”.

Smokeys at the Cove Anguilla

Tobago Cays, The Grenadines

Hop on one of the many boats from the neighbouring islands in the Grenadines and spend the day snorkelling with Turtles, admiring the bright blue waters and soaking up the sunshine. The Tobago Cays are one of the most breathtaking areas of the Caribbean and are a must visit if you are in the area.

Tobago Cays

Lunchtime? Many of the boats will stop at a small Island where local fisherman will have that morning’s fresh Lobster grilling for you. And as you sit on a white sand beach eating Lobster on a plastic plate and cold glass of something strong next to you, you’ll fall in love with Caribbean over and over again. We did.

Tobago Cays

Emily Whittington is Marketing Manager at Tropic Breeze.

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Comments (4)

  1. Tom Fakes says:

    I proposed to my wife on the beach at Tobago Cays after lunch in April 2002. I’m not a fan of lobster though, so we skipped that part. It’s still a magical place

  2. Tom- What a lovely story!We love the Tobago Cays, it really is a one of a kind destination and certainly an area area worth exploring. Thanks for sharing. Emily

  3. Freda Gore says:

    We have heard lots about Smokey in Anguilla will definitely add them to our bucket list when we visit the island next summer

  4. Emily Whittington says:

    Hi Freda! Yes make sure you do. One of our travel specialists, Joni, still raves about it from her last trip! Emily

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