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Germany’s top 5 scenic drives in a supercar

There is something about driving on the open road across Germany’s great outdoors in a ferocious Supercar that has developed a legendary, if not mythical status. Driving a supercar is nothing short of exhilarating, as it puts you in the control seat of enormous energy and power. Intuitively, the supercar knows how to capture attention, aerodynamic looks, give the impression that the future itself came to visit and left something behind. While, advanced technologies utilize the best of what science has to offer, delivering more power for your every acceleration. Once aboard a supercar driving through the web of Germany’s sprawled out Autobahn, the moment builds in grandeur. The drive seems to take on religious proportions as the engine opens to full throttle, piercing the wind as your supercar reaches maximum speeds. Germany’s Autobahn consists of over 11,000 kilometers of highway, where the seemingly uncapped speed limit gives motorists the rare chance to pick up speed as they push the pedal to the metal. To not mention the magical surrounding forests and lush countryside as a reason would be a travesty, but it seems that it’s the stopovers, as much as the drive itself, that mark the journey. So, with the engine purring and rearing to go, we have compiled a list of top 5 scenic drives in Germany, that will transport you, as much as they will your mind and soul. The Romantic Road Despite the overwhelming commercialised character of the highway’s name, it still works on me. And yet with the most romantic of notions in mind, I am not disappointed – this stretch of highway is astoundingly beautiful. In a Porsche 918 Spyder I start from Würzburg, a town that lies in almost equal distance between Frankfurt am Main and Nuremberg. The Romantic Road follows a trail that passes through picturesque countryside, putting you on route to see the medieval walled towns of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Dinkelsbühl and Nördlingen. Concluding in true majestic style at the Neuschwanstein Castle, a fairytale castle, that stands in all its picturesque beauty at the base of the Alps. Romantic Road The Romantic Road is located at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, traditionally starting in Würzburg, it trails 350km southward towards Fussen. The Fairy Tale Route Be enthralled, as the many colourful and often spooky characters of the Brothers Grimm come back to life along this enchanting track of road. In the wondrous Ferrari Speciale, I take on the route that commences in Hanau, in central Germany and runs north concluding in Bremen. The route winds its way through natural forest parks that are wildly dense in pine trees and ferns. Whilst, the forest bed is thickly blanketed in crisp leaves, the canopy above lets the light slip through in bedazzling rays. These forests serve to be the perfect setting to internalise all the magic of the Grimm Brothers stories. See the house of Little Red Riding Hood in Alsfeld, the Snow White Museum in Bad Wildungen and the Sababurg Castle, which folklore has it as the castle of Sleeping Beauty. Fairytale Route Starting from Hanau in central Germany, the Fairy Tale Route links at various points onto the Autobahn, heading north to conclude in Bremen. Alpine Road In the SUV for which I am assured athletic prowess, I drive the Range Rover Sport to tackle the winding road that wraps itself around The Alpine ranges. The Sport slices through the crisp mountain air of the Alps for 450 km from Lake Constance in the west to Königssee in the east. The trail traverses an utterly enthralling landscape that takes in a rough, raw and tenaciously wild landscape. After Oberstaufen, the Autobahn sends you sliding past Immenstadt, and into lush, green forests and pastures. The road takes a steady climb to reach a 4,000 foot peak by the town of Voralpenland. The views of the world’s zenith is breathtaking as the unique terrain of the area offers a plenitude of extreme sports activities, from ski jumping, mountaineer climbing and canyoning. Alpine Road The Alpine Road trails for 480km along the base of the Bavarian Alps, traditionally commencing in Lake Constance driving northwards towards Konigsee. The Black Forest Known for its mesmerising beauty and wonderfully sweeping tracks of road, this trail of highway referred to on maps as Schwarzwald Hochstrasse, takes you through some of Europe’s most dense forest. Behind the masterful engine of a midnight black BMW M6, the journey starts from Knibes. The road winds its way through terrifying cliff edges, switchback turns and sweeping elevations, the exhilaration finally comes to conclusion in Baden Baden, some 60km away. Throughout the journey, the surrounding forests and wild terrain that encapsulate you are enchantingly beautiful. Leave yourself open to be spell bound as the road trails its way through spectacular views of the forest and picturesque countryside. Black Forest The Black Forest Trail, is a relatively short trail of 60km, commencing in Knibes, it weaves northwards through the Black Forest on the Schwarzwald Hochstrasse, to conclude in Baden Baden. Moselle Valley Starting from the French border, I trail the Moselle Valley in the Mercedes AMG GT, a shooting break that flies on the highway like a shooting star. From the south western border of Germany, this lush and green fertile terrain, serves to be one of Germany’s most eminent wine tours, as you follow the road along the Rhine tributary. The ongoing sprawl of vineyards have become known as a quality white wine producing region, where you can certainly stop off to savour the taste and aroma of a glass (or two). Equally known for its idyllic country setting and lifestyle, there are many highly charming and very romantic sights to take in. Enjoy the quaint old towns that retain all their characteristic features of half timbered buildings and tall spired chapels. Moselle Valley From Trier, situated close to the French border, the Moselle Valley meanders along the Rhine for 195km until it reaches Koblenz. Like the breadcrumbs of Hansel and Gretel, there is magic to be found along Germany’s most beautiful scenic routes. Aboard your supercar to follow the scent of crisp clean air and arrive at the home of your imagination. Laura Sides is a Director at Europe Luxury Car Hire. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Germany is such a great place to explore by car. My husband and I drove through the Black Forest and stayed in Baden-Baden and had a fantastic time. We stopped in a charming village along the way and enjoyed Black Forest cake. A very fun memory.

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