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The secret life of luxury simplicity in Phuket

Discover the new experiences; learning and getting a new perspective about life are the top motivations for travellers. Discovering their own precious moments that they can go brag with friends for years and uncover the hidden meaning of life is just something that can be done easier when environment allows. Imagine how beautiful life can be if you can do that all in one single trip. Let me start with my moment. It happens when I close your eyes and hear nothing but the soft wind and the sea breeze, and when I open my eyes and see the golden horizontal line across the sea right in front of me. On Mai Khao Beach, it is my private joy of sunset, and it is my moment. Sunset moment One of the beauties of Phuket is that the city is such an incongruous combination of simplicity and luxury. Patong, Kata, Karon, Mai Khao, you name it, every beach has its own way of beauty. Mai Khao has been known for the rarest kind of beach in Phuket. The luxury of simplicity on Mai Khao beach is where superb privacy and tranquillity can be found amidst the sea. The beach remains in its finest natural condition with sandy beaches and shades of pine trees – makes it a perfect place for a genuine rest and fulfils your holiday with nature. The premium accommodation is widely available, so it consolidates this beach as a perfect relax zone. Accommodation Simplicity does not lie only at the accommodation, here’s the new perspective to the simple life of nature Mai Khao beach has to offer. Stepping out of the luxury resort on Mai Khao and laying your feet on the safe haven for sea turtle nestling. A world-renown activity ‘Turtle Walk’ has been a long standing tradition around this area. You can observe the returning sea turtles (rare leatherback ones) to nest their eggs and seek their eggs for conservation centre. The tradition is widely popular during November and February. It does not seem like an easy opportunity to be a part of community for a social cause, protect the nature and sustain the population of sea turtles. But Mai Khao Beach has well been saved for this purpose. Turtle walk So if you choose to visit Phuket next time, you can have more choices to take a simple pleasure out of this luxury of simplicity and discover your moment. It is out there somewhere. Opening your eyes under the shade of pine trees while soothing in the sea scent may not be the most expensive experience, but it is surely the precious and irreplaceable one. Salinthip Niyommalai is Senior Marketing Manager at Rental for the Holidays. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Thinking of going to Phuket in April. Came across this post when I was doing a bit of research. I know it’s over 5 years old but the sort of luxury that it’s talking about is timeless, helping to persuade me that Phuket could well be the place for me.

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