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5 tried and tested travel accessories from my latest trip

My latest ‘tried and tested’ review round-up is from two trips that I made back-to-back. First I went to Lisbon with Infiniti and became aquainted with the new Q30, before returning ‘home’ but only getting as far as a hotel at the airport because I was heading out to Dubai the next day to familiarise myself with the Jumeirah Group’s latest online project with Google. The two trips were a great success and another opportunity to test some great merchandise, details of which you’ll find below: Craghoppers NosiLife Nemla short sleeved polo Perfect for warmer climates, the NosiLife Nemla short sleeved polo from Craghoppers is a great alternative to a T-shirt – a little bit smarter, yet still casual, and importantly offering protection from UV rays.  This polo is available in blue, red and black. In Portugal especially this served me particularly well since it was a relatively informal gathering, yet I still needed to look presentable, and the garment is hard-wearing and does not crease easily. It is also quick-drying, not that I was caught out by showers in Lisbon or Dubai! NosiLife Nemla short sleeved polo GlocalMe G2 Sometimes you just can’t get WiFi when you want it, and invariably it seems when you feel you most need it! Data roaming can be a prohibitively expensive option and changing SIM cards or phones a hassle. But don’t worry – help is at hand!  Travel with the G2 from GlocalMe and you’ll have access to local 3G and 4G networks at a fraction of the cost and with excellent stability and reliability. The device is very smart, of quality build, and the rates very reasonable – just €0.001 to €0.1 per MB. It also comes wtih a decent battery life of up to 15 hours – much better than most of the other similar devices I’ve encountered. GlocalMe Lems men’s Nine2five mocha shoes The men’s Nine2five mocha shoes from Lems are the perfect compromise between casual and smart. They are extremely lightweight and, despite being new, felt like a pair of shoes I’d worn for years, seemingly moulding around my foot from the moment I wore them. Billed as a ‘9 to 5’ shoe, they remained comfortable despite wearing them all day long so allowed me to travel light, without the need to take multiple pairs of shoes. They are also available in black or a combined coffee and cream. Lems Mens Nine2five MOcha Kanguru Defender HDD I’ve used equipment from Kanguru in the past and always been delighted, and this secure and fast USB 3.0 drive is no exception. For me, it’s perfect for backing up photographs as I travel, small, robust and light enough to carry easily, but with good transfer speeds and a healthy capacity of 500GB, so an important gadget to give you added peace of mind. You can also manage it remotely through a subscription service and where this is particularly useful is that if you were to lose the drive, you could disable it remotely to prevent others gaining access – ideal for business travellers who might need to keep certain sensitive information secure. For those of you interested in the technical details, it is AES 256 Bit hardware encrypted in XTS mode. Kanguru Defender HDD Craghoppers NosiLife stretch travel convertibles Another winner from Craghoppers! The NosiLife stretch travel convertibles are really comfortable and versatile, and a comfortable alternative from restrictive jeans when flying in casual attire. Extremely lightweight, they come with a flexible waist and multiple pockets – perfect for keeping your passport and travel documents easily to hand. There are lots of useful details such as a detachable wipe for sunglasses and a security clip in the side pocket, so designed with travellers very much in mind. They would also come into their own when out walking, with the option to wear them as shorts or trousers and the transfer between the two being quick and painless.   NosiLife stretch travel convertibles

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I have considered Corsair USB for 356 GB to be the best so far because of a protection password on it. Kanagaru has a bigger capacity and you can disable it remotely which is a big asset for me. Hopefully the transfer speed is good too.

  2. Hi Paul, thanks for this post. I have found the kangaroo USB exciting and worth checking out. Good transfer, lots of date 500 GB, an ability to disable it remotely in case of a loss is a big asset. :)

  3. Hiii Paul, thanks for sharing your travel and accessories details with us. I also found the Kanguru USB very exciting. Specially I like its 500 GB storage capacity and fast data transfer feature as you mentioned in your post.

  4. very good list of items……Best substitute to a T-shirt – a tiny proportion smarter, however still casual, and prominently proposing safety from UV energies….

  5. Interesting post Paul,Really liked it.
    GlocalMe G2 is a bit more interesting for me :)
    Its quality, cost, speed per MB and moreover its battery backup, amazing.

  6. Now this is a brilliant piece of technology that I hadn’t hear about before: Kanguru Defender HDD. How big is it? Like hand size?

  7. Interesting post thanks – you are obviously a very smart photographer Paul! My brother has just bought a Kanguru Defender HDD and thinks it is great!

  8. Where can I get G2 in UK? I tried Amazon, it only selling G1 at the moment. Does the data allowance expires after certain period?

  9. I need to get my hands on a Glocalme to solve current wifi problems. Love the neat Kanguru Defender for safe, secure back up too.

  10. Hey Paul

    All these travel accessories are very important to keep with. A short sleeved polo t-shirt perfect for hot weather, looks smart, casual, and gives great protection from UV rays. Good to know that the shirt is available in three colors – always good to have more color options to choose from.

    While traveling, sometimes we run out of data packs – thank you for suggesting the phone which will allow us to get local wifi access.

    Thank you for mentioning Mocha shoes, they look great. Will surely check them out when my next travel destination is planned.

    Data backup during traveling is a great idea, the last thing we need is losing our valuable picture – as they are the memory we carry for the rest of our lives. I like the size, being small it can be easily carried and won’t add extra luggage in our bags.

    – Smita

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