Photograph of the week: Grand Teton National Park

This vista which includes the Grand Teton mountain range and Mount Moran is viewed across the Oxbow bend turnout of Snake River. It is a classic view within the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and one of many originally captured by the American photographer Ansel Adams. The Grand Teton National Park is often somewhat overlooked in visitors eagerness to pass through and reach Yellowstone National Park. However, it is well worth adding a few extra days to a trip to spend within this park which provides an opportunity to see herds of roaming bison and if you are lucky, a glimpse of a grizzly bear.

Grand Teton National Park

Thank you to Emma Durnford of Emma Durnford Photography for permission to reproduce the image.

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Comments (5)

  1. Andrew Petrie says:

    This picture certainly fires up my imagination. There must be some beauties lurking in that lake just waiting to be hooked !

  2. Maggie says:

    Absolutely stunning!! Beautiful photograph of Teton National Park….. Wish I’d visit this place soon…

  3. Zoey P says:

    Beautiful picture, always love this type of pictures where the mirror image is reflected. Sounds like great place to explore

  4. Izy berry says:

    On this picture is breath taking is very beautiful you can see how perfect is the nature and how the color so beautiful combinations with each other

  5. Oliver says:

    It is true that the Grand Tetons mountains are so impressive that many visitors do not consider staying, thinking that the discovery of this alpine environment is only for experienced mountaineers. However, the park offers many short hikes of several hours, accessible from the main road. And the view is magnificent!

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