Where should you retire after a life of travelling?

We all love to travel but one day a time comes in our lives when it’s nice to settle down somewhere. Have you ever thought about all the places you’ve been on holiday and where you’d like to be when you retire? Whether you’ve travelled extensively or not, UK-based insurance company SunLife have come up with a tool to help you make just that decision. Answer a few simple questions and from that they’ll come up with your ideal retirement destination.

Beach walk

Whether you prefer to amble the beaches of the Algarve or crave the culture and history of Cambridgeshire, simply go to sunlife.co.uk/life-cover/over-50-life-insurance/ideal-retirement-destination/


There you will find just five questions ranging from ‘What does your ideal Sunday look like?’ (pictured) to ‘Which celebrity would you like to take to a dinner party?’ and a choice of four different answers for each question.

SunLife survey

Once you’ve made all your selections, the website will return the results of your ideal retirement destination.


Where is your dream location to retire? Take the test and let us know your results in the comments below!


We’d also be interested to hear whether this is somewhere you’d ever considered retiring to before and where you had envisaged spending your retirement prior to taking part in the survey. Thank you!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by SunLife.

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  1. Shannon says:

    That was fabulous, thanks for sharing! My answer was Devon, UK. I’ll have to share this with my mum!

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