Photograph of the week: Colosseum, Rome

Built between 72AD and 80AD under the Emperor Vespasian, today the Colosseum takes pride of place in the heart of Rome although at the time of its construction it was situated on the outskirts of the city since the centre was originally built on the banks of the river. At 189 metres long, 156 metres wide and 50 metres tall, it is the largest amphitheatre in the world and could seat in the region of 50,000 spectators.


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  1. Maggie says:

    Beautiful Pic!! Interesting facts and figures about Colosseum in Rome, I’d like to visit this place. Thanks for sharing useful Info..

  2. It is look amazing pic!! the light are look beautiful, thanks for share and look forward to so many more interesting stuff here.

    good job

  3. Andrew says:

    Amazing that this structure has stood up to the ages as well as it has. I haven’t seen the Colosseum in person yet in my life, but I hope to do so soon!

  4. Sunny D says:

    What an amazing place! The structure is simply astonishing and it’s truly breathtaking how well it has stood the test of time! A MUST see when you visit Italy!

  5. Tracy Nixon says:

    Stunning photo!I’d love to visit Italy, especially after reading your ‘Top 10 places to sail in Italy’ guide!

  6. amy fidler says:

    what a superb photo,it really captures the building in all its glory,love Italy,still need to visit there

  7. Daisy says:

    Beautiful pic! This structure is incredible and a must see for all! One of the most remarkable parts of Rome in my opinion.

  8. Susan Smith says:

    Rome is a wonderful place to visit, full of history and places of interest, you need a good couple of days there and the vatican city is well worth a visit

  9. Raj says:

    What a wonderful pic?,good photograph stunning heritage of italy, Love this place.

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