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Travelling just got a whole lot lighter with this luxury luggage line

Arriving at A Luxury Travel Blog HQ this week was an amazingly lightweight luxury luggage set from ZFrame who have recently launched a new 8-wheel 360-degree technology case. Robust yet light at the same time, this luggage’s outstanding feature is that it is not just lightweight, but super lightweight; indeed, if handed the largest case from my set, you could be forgiven for not realising that, like a Russian doll, there lies two smaller cases within. In fact, its lightweight aluminimum and composite fibre materials (420 denier jacquard, if you’re curious) make it among the lightest, strongest luggage in the world today, without compromising on quality. ZFrame luggage set So why is having a lightweight case so important? Well, there are multiple reasons, of course, but it makes travelling so much easier and more tolerable if you’re not lugging something heavy everywhere you go. It also means you’re less likely to incur excess baggage fees should you be the kind of person who likes to fill your case to the max. But even if you do choose to make the most of your luggage space, these cases’ smooth roller wheels and improved stability, allow for easy handling of your luggage. The 360-degree mobility of the wheels means that the cases are incredibly easy to manoeuvre, whilst a sturdy, black retractable handle adds further to the ease. ZFrame technology The 3-piece set comes in 3 sizes: 18”, 22” and 26”. The smallest of the three weighs less than 2kg yet is still capable of holding 30 litres and, at 55 x 32 x 20 cm including the wheels and handles, complies with common airline cabin baggage allowance sizes. It’s ideal for short breaks, weekends away and frequent travellers who prefer not to spend time waiting at the luggage carousel after landing. The next size up is substantially bigger and suited for those longer trips, whilst the biggest of the three is ideal for families jetting off for a couple of weeks who need greater than average capacity. Both of these larger two sizes have top and side fabric handles for easier lifting. ZFrame wheels These modern yet classic cases are meticulously crafted and available for purchase from Amazon. Watch the video below to discover more about how this high end luggage has been put together:
YouTube video
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by ZFrame.

Paul Johnson

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  1. How light a suitcase is, is one of the most important factors to consider, especially if you are a regular traveller because of all the weight restrictions. Like the wheels too.

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