The 5 best beaches of Florianopolis Island

South of Brazil lies the intimate paradise in Florianopolis. The capital of Santa is surrounded by an island with 42 gorgeous beaches connected to the continent by a small bridge. The island offers beaches for all people – some for a private feel, some perfect for long walks, others for surf, parties and fun, but all filled with welcoming locals. The locals proudly keep the small fisherman community traditions in the Atlantic forest, but welcome visitors from all over the world to enjoy their beaches, homemade restaurants, and luxury hotels. 1. Jurere Beach Luxury at its finest, this is the high-end residential area has a variety of hotels and restaurants for your pleasure. At Jurere, people come to be seen, make new friends, and even find love in the buoyant atmosphere. Jurere is the most exciting beach in Floripa, where you can always find a party. With a line of sand and calm waters, you can spend your day enjoying paradise with locally made tropical drinks. Must visit areas are the Jurere Beach Village, and our See You in Brazil recommended hotel is Pousada dos Sonhos, the beach front hotel with a well known restaurant and charming atmosphere. jurere-beach 2. Lagoinha This beach is perfect for families – the waters are calm, the sand strip is wide, and the population density is lower than in other beaches facing north. The shoreline is dominated by the natural green landscape rolling over the mountains, with little shops scattered about, sprinkling the area with color.On this beach is an walk-in sand hotel which is sought out by many of the Argentinian visitors. Perfect for the beach accommodations, giving an old, but nice feel.The waters are all very calm, but are very difficult to access for those not staying on the beach itself. lagoinha-beach 3. Praia de Campeche Surfs up! If you like to hit the waves, Camcache is calling you. Located in the south of the island, this beach is frequented by young adults, especially in the Riozinho region. Offered here are many options of boat trips and and schooners to the Island of Campeche. This island is filled with archaeological sites, trails and professional diving. In addition to natural beauties, the strategic location of Campeche facilities allows quick travel to both the south and east beaches of the island. campeche-beach 4. Praia dos Açores For the less crowded, and more natural beach, Praia dos Acores has the perfect natural atmosphere. Located in a preserved natural forest, it is easily accessible for those wanting a natural adventure. The beaches are great for families and surfers are also attracted to this area due to the large waves. The beach is located south of the island, protected by the dunes, with little human interaction. Sandboarding is popular on the dunes, although the dunes are considered smaller. A short walk away in the direction of the South Swamp (15 minutes ), you will reach the sand dunes. acores-florianopolis 5. Praia dos Ingleses Praia dos Ingleses is a beach with warm, blue waters, and the greatest sand dunes on the island. Sand boarders flock to this beach and practice their craft. Water surfers also frequent this beach, but remain on the far left where the waves are strongest. The name of the beach comes from a curious event: an English ship that ran aground, but the culture of the island is certainly not wrecked. For a nice place for long walks, the far right of the beach has very little tourist attention and give walkers privacy, surrounded by a mixture of nature. ingleses-beach For those looking for more structure, Praia dos Ingleses has a large number of kiosks, bars and restaurants. In high season it is very busy with lots of tourists, especially those from Argentina. In the winter, the beach features many religious festivals and folk presentations for locals and visitors alike. Fishing is also a big market in the colder months, and mullet fishing is a big part of the local economy. Luiz Alegre Silva is the Founder at See You in Brazil. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I’ve wondered whether this part of Brazil would be good for a fishing trip for maybe two-days of a week’s holiday? Could you advise?

  2. Hello Hugh!

    This is definitely a great place for fishing but 2 days is not enough time especially because you never can depend on the weather. Imagine a day with lots of wind, waves, storms and things like that. Also, if you don’t schedule your excursions ahead of time, by the time you get to Florianopolis, and find a company or a fisherman to go fishing with you, you will loose time. There are lots of places you can fish in Florianopolis, including options for deep ocean fishing. In my opinion, make sure you separate a week for a trip like that.
    If you ned any help , please message us again and it will be my pleasure to help.
    Bye from Mister Brazil

  3. Hi Luiz! Thank you for the tips about beaches in Florianópolis. Praia do Campeche does look great due to the several things to do and its facilities. It must be a nice option to stay if I’m looking for also enjoying the city at night, is it?
    Taking a bus trip to Florianópolis seems to be one of the best options to get there. Have you traveled by bus around? Do you think it is a great?

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