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5 reasons safari works for solo travellers

The idea of travelling to Africa on your own can be very daunting! However a solo safari can be a wonderful way to see the wildlife and enjoy the very best of single travel. Imagine meeting gorillas or watching the wildebeest migration at a river crossing? Sharing these experiences in a group creates a moment shared together. On holiday alone, you almost automatically engage more.


1. Hand-holding throughout the trip

Rarely alone on safari you are always met at airport and for camp transfers. Throughout the trip you will have staff on hand to support you and ensure your safety. Also on hand every day are the wildlife guides, and safari lodges are small and friendly, some of which have managers that act as hosts at dinner.


2. No single supplements on safari

Single supplements rarely apply as the costs are based on per person rather than rooms. Camps also offer great value by being fully inclusive of local drinks, or if you prefer to you can opt for a meals only arrangement.


3. Sociable travelling

Set departures you will join a small group 8-20 people and get to know them really well through shared experiences; from walking safaris to game drives as well as the sundowners, meals and camp evening fire side tales. Meals are taken at a single long table, and you will meet some interesting people from all walks of life on safari. There is no need to tell and re-tell your story as the group stays with you throughout your stay. If you are a single parent taking children on safari there are children’s guides, babysitters and children’s clubs. Many properties have a communal pool or private pools for children to enjoy. They also cater well for children’s meals.


4. Complete freedom

You can choose to have your own vehicle and guide, especially important for wildlife photography enthusiasts. There is precious time to pursue your own interests or learn a new hobby like kite surfing or scuba diving. There are so many safari options you can choose to relax or opt for an action packed itinerary of walking, game drives, canoe, riding, cultural visits, swimming.


5. Having your individual needs catered for

As a single traveller you may have particular needs such as special diets or less mobility. Camps are very flexible and often have a room nearer to the main facilities and can accommodate dietary requirements like diabetic, gluten free, vegetarian etc.


Suggested safaris for singles:

  • Kilimanjaro climb
  • Primate safari
  • Canoe safari
  • Riding safari
  • Rail journey
  • Conservation safari
  • Photographic safari


Safari is a perfect trip for solo travellers who are looking for some real escapism and relaxation in a beautiful landscape. Breakfasts are one of my favourite ‘me’ times on holiday. Silent, alone, a book lazily in hand, a fine cup of coffee, and giraffes lolloping past not more than a couple of hundred metres away. It’s fantastically indulgent. And worth it, at times like this.

Richard Smith is Operations Director at Aardvark Safaris.

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  1. From my experience of travelling independently on safaris there are plenty of moments that make for great ice-breakers. Being just yards from a lion enjoying its kill for breakfast or seeing giraffe heads along the tree line gets people whispering to other people who they’ve never met. I also find that sundowners also tend to develop sociability. As the only human beings for dozens of miles people suddenly drop their barriers and become more open. I would have no hesitation in booking another solo safari.

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