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5 Kenyan parks to find the endangered rhino

Kenya is known for its authentic and natural parks that make it a top safari destination. But few people are aware that Kenya also plays a very big role in conservation efforts. The rhino, being an endangered species, has had the Kenyan government making great efforts to see that it protects it. Rhino sanctuaries have been created within parks to ensure that the dying species is resuscitated. Poaching is the main cause of the rapid decline of the rhino’s population. The rhino is poached for its precious horn, for which there is a high demand in the Asian market. Below are some of the parks to find the rhino: Lake Nakuru National Park This is one of the premium parks in Kenya. It is historically known for the beauty of its pink fauna: the flamingos. It is one of the parks that a traveler needs to visit, before claiming that they have really visited Kenya. Lake Nakuru National Park serves also as a rhino sanctuary for the white rhino. These are not many in number but if you are lucky you might sport several during your visit. Rhino Nairobi National Park Located 5 kilometers from the Nairobi CBD, this park prides itself as the only national park within a city in the world. Its location within 10 minutes’ drive form the CBD makes it a park worth visiting for people who come to Nairobi for business and can spare 6 hours in the day to do a park visit. With four of “The Big Five” – lion, buffalo, leopard and rhino – it is considered a premium destination for a safari adventure. Nairobi National Park Masai Mara It is unlikely for an adventure-seeking traveler to visit Kenya and not visit Masai Mara. This park is renowned for the great, annual migration of wildebeest from the Serengeti National Park to Masai Mara game reserve. Apart from this natural phenomenon, which is also one of the last remaining great migrations in the world, Masai Mara is the only park where you will find all The Great Five – lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino – with ease. Masai Mara Migration Ol-Pajeta conservancy Located in Laikipia County on the windward side of Mt. Kenya. Ol Pajeta conservancy is a perfect example of conservation effort that has borne fruits. It acts as a rhino sanctuary. The population of the rhinos there is rising and some of them have even been transferred to other park. Ol Pajeta conservancy also acts as a sanctuary for the chimpanzee. Masai Mara Meru National Park Forming part of the greater Kora Conservation Corridor, Meru National Park is located in the Eastern part of Kenya. It is a premium park that has been dwarfed by parks like Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru. The “Born Wild” movie was shot here and it is a park worth visiting for those who love quiet, serene environments. A rhino sanctuary has been created in the middle of the park for rhino conservation efforts. Its also one of the parks where The Big Five can be spotted. If you spend the night at the Elsa Kopje then you will also see the nocturnal leopard that comes to drink from the nearby pool during the night. Elsa Kopje Meru National Park Duncan Wairimu is CEO at Elite Kenya Luxury. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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