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Luxury on the White Isle: how to do Ibiza in style

Ibiza has long-since been recognised as the party capital of Europe. Thousands descend on the white isle every summer for a dose of hedonism that nowhere else on the continent can rival. The Spanish island is as popular with teenagers and 20-something thrill-seekers as it’s ever been. But there is another side to this much-misunderstood island in the Balearics. A side that doesn’t involve drinking games in San Antonio, all-night raves in super clubs or indeed anything that happened in Kevin and Perry Go Large. Travellers with different needs, budgets and tastes are increasingly happy here – you only need to see the size of yacht moored up at the marina in Ibiza Town to verify that. So where should a traveller with a taste for luxury living head to? We’ve taken a look and plucked out a few restaurants of note. Enjoy. Where to stay Generally speaking, stay away from the two main towns: Ibiza Town and San Antonio. Sure, they are nice places, but generally speaking the standard gets higher the more you move into the hills. Atzaró is a superluxe agroturismo hotel (take a breath) in the north east of the island. Set on a huge plot this charming residence is less hotel, more super-chilled, chic retreat. Relaxing and unwinding here is easy. If you don’t manage to get a room (they’re notoriously difficult to bag) then you should come out here for a day of spa treatments. The restaurant alone attracts residents and travellers staying all over the island and indeed, on the yachts. For those wanting to unwind in style, indulge in the top-notch spa, and explore the quieter side of Ibiza. Where to eat breakfast Passion Café is a great little breakfast chain with six now open across Ibiza. The passion focus is on vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic and raw cuisine – perfect if you’ve had one too many cocktails the night before. The motto here is ‘love all and serve all’ and you get the impression from the staff that they really do. For those uninterested in smoothies, shakes, juices and yogurts, there are also great fish and chicken options on the menus. Where to eat lunch El Chiringuito is one of those restaurants where atmosphere is never lacking. It’s always loud (in a good way), people are always enjoying themselves and smiling. And frankly, it’s always busy. And with good reason. The seafood is fresh as you like (look out for the man selling fresh oysters), the wine list is excellent and the staff are always attentive. You’ll feel like you’re on a party island, but you’ll also feel like you’re in a really, really, really nice restaurant eating great food. Which is all true. As far as beach restaurants go – Juan y Andrea sets the bar. The island of Formentera has an even more impressive coast line than Ibiza itself, it’s more like the Caribbean than the Mediterranean. This really is a beach bar too, so wear flip flops, or go barefoot like the waiters. It’s very, very difficult to get a table here and the food is expensive but this is one Ibiza experience you simply cannot – and should not – afford to miss out on. Get the paella too, it’s simply wonderful. Where to eat dinner Find a nicer sunset on Ibiza than at Sa Punta and you’ll have done well. This really is a little gem. Ideal for special occasion, or just any occasion for that matter. As far as the food goes (that is more important than the sunset, after all) there are rumours that Sa Punta is about to secure a Michelin Star. So that answers any questions about the quality of food. Do believe the hype and do order a cocktail on arrival. Also, and crucially, find out when the sun sets at that time of year and make sure your reservation straddles that time. Perhaps better known than Sa Punta, stunning Asian food is on offer at this Ibizan institution. Glamorous, exotic and unique – Bambudda Grove is an evening in itself, you don’t need to go out afterwards just hang out in their super cool cocktail bar. The waiting staff can’t do enough for you, the somelier, who has been there for years, knows his stuff and the setting is beautiful. Also, they encourage guests to share food (the tables are designed for that purpose) and we would recommend doing the sharing thing. Most importantly it means you can sample all of the delights on offer. Perfect. Rob Stross is Chief Marketing Officer at WeSwap. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. It’s funny how Ibiza has this reputation as the student go-to party island, but if you go to the other side, there really is an amazing opportunity to enjoy a more upscale experience. I have been to Ibiza and agree with this article – stay away from the towns, unless you like hordes of drunk 18-25 year olds. The hills are peaceful and Atzaro looks amazing. I’ll definitely try and get a room there next time I travel.

  2. Ibiza is such a beautiful island and as the commenter has said above, for many people it is written off as being only a party island and they forget that there is so much more to it. Although I couldn’t get a room there (you really need to book way in advance) I can attest that the spa treatments at Atzaró are amazing.

  3. Ibiza does indeed have the reputation for being kind of sleezy sometimes, and party oriented. It makes me feel sorry for the locals – I’m totally aware that it’s a beautiful country and I wish it would be stripped of that reputation! I’d definitely be more attracted to staying higher into the hills – sounds beautiful. Also, loving that breakfast spread photo, it’s made me so hungry.

  4. I’ve never been to Ibiza as I’ve always seen it as a massive party place. You’ve opened my eye to the luxurious beaches and excellent restaurants on offer. If I do visit I’ll be sure to stay somewhere further uphill as you mentioned, sounds like it would be beautiful. I also really like the suggestions for breakfast and dinner, the food looks very tasty.

  5. I must admit that I always avoided Ibiza because everyone raves about it being the clubbing central and that isn’t my scene. I never knew it was so beautiful and had such a quiet luxurious side as well. Sa Punta looks like a great place to eat and I think I will be adding Ibiza to my travel list from now it is just stunning.

  6. Don’t forget Ibiza’s little sister Formentera. A lot of people are drawn to this smaller island to escape the madness of Ibiza. Not just the parties but the immense traffic is what most people complain about in Ibiza nowadays. Formentera is a great alternative, also for a more luxurious experience. Formentera has a distinctly more bohemian luxury feel than Ibiza does, with some of the most stunning beaches and fantastic restaurants.

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