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Top 5 outdoor activities in the Lake District

The Lake District is one of the top outdoor adventure playgrounds in the world. Its World Heritage Status and National Park protection means her natural beauty of over 200 mountains, 16 lakes and 26 miles of coastline, is protected and made accessible for all to enjoy. All contained within 2,362 square kilometres, it is really is an adventure playground where visitors are welcomed by a warm and passionate outdoor adventure community. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites. Lake District Ski Club, Helvellyn  Welcome to the most Alpine ski area in England, the Lake District Ski Club on the Lake District’s third highest peak in England, Helvellyn. Surprisingly 60 days of skiing can be enjoyed on Helvellyn, in the north Lake District, during a good season. Whilst that is not as long as the season in Val d’Isère, when the snow is good in the Lakes, it is good! There’s even a 360m button tow taking you up Raise, the 883m peak next to Helvellyn, and you’ll find up to 9 pistes available. This ungroomed winter activity, where the pistes are maintained naturally, makes for a very unique experience. There’s a snow forecast link on The Lake District Ski Club website, founded in 1936, and whilst £55 gets you membership and a year’s pass, you’ll need to keep your ear to the ground to make sure you hit the right weather conditions. Kankku 4×4, Windermere  Drive the iconic Land Rover Defender on the terrain it was designed for, through waterways, down gullies and over boulders.  The only obstacle will be your skill and metal on the day. Whether you’ve driven off road before or not, the spectacular Lake District landscape provides the ultimate test for both the vehicle and your skills. Take on a Lake District 4×4 off-road safari experience where it is just you, the famous Lake District weather and the often not so dry terra firma and see what you are really capable of. Just make sure you are the ‘torque’ of the town for the right reasons! Honister Zip Wire, Borrowdale In the heart of the Lake District, blood will certainly be pumping as you tentatively cross the Infinity Bridge hanging 2,000ft up above Honister Slate Mine, wishing the end was in sight. Whilst you are completely safe, harnessed securely and with handholds, the infamous Lake District Helm wind and swooping valley sides that rise up above gives a true feeling of exposure.  And once you reach the other side, you just have the rest of the Via Feratta Xtreme route up Fleetwith Pike to complete! Taking you firmly out of your comfort zone, this is a memory you won’t easily forget. It is no wonder this is an award-wining tourist experience. Lake District Paddle Boarding, Derwentwater  SUP (Stand Up Paddle) budding boarders! The 17ft long Monster SUP from Lake District Paddle Boarding is well worth checking out as it is probably the coolest picnic table around! Designed to take 14 paddle boarders (and their lunch!) the Monster is great fun as a floating dining experience. Because they are actually pretty easy to master, paddle board river running is a fun way to tour the Lakes along her natural highways. It really is as much fun as it looks and of course SUP has kudos on the cool rating scale. Lake District Gyroplanes, Ullswater See for yourself what a perfect mountain and lake paradise the Lake District is as you gaze down at it in miniature from the thrilling cockpit of a gyroplane. And as if the spectacular views were not enough, the duel controls of this super-light and easy to control aircraft, allow you to take full control for as much of the flight as you like. You’ll feel the part in full flying suit and the open cockpit gives an exhilarating but fun experience of the Lake District like no-other. Don’t forget to pack your camera to capture some shots that will be the envy of all your friends, of course remembering to hand over controls as you snap! Paul Liddell is the Managing Director at Lakelovers. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I’m in the UK and always looking for new things to do locally when I don’t have the time or energy to explore further afield. The Lake District is a great area to spend a weekend or even a week in, but I’ve never been skiing there, so that’s something for the todo list.

  2. I have friends who have done the via ferrata experience at Honister and they tell me it is super high up!! I don’t have an extreme fear of heights but I think I’d still find that rather testing, regardless of how secure it is!

  3. I absolutely love the Lake DIstrict, i’d even go as far as to say its one of my favourite places I’ve ever visited. My visit was very relaxed though, no huge or tiring hikes, just lots of slow meandering and photography. I NEED to go back in the winter though, it would be so cool to go skiing on Helvellyn. I’d definitely give the zip wire a miss though!

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