5 reasons why you should get beach therapy

There is something about a beach vacation that leaves you blissfully relaxed, happy and rejuvenated. It works for people across ages. From the freshness of a sunrise, the frolicking waves of the day, the self-awareness during a sunset or the calm during the night, the beach changes our mood and puts you in touch with your inner self. Most people have at least, once, contemplated on having a house near a beach. If you’ve stayed away from the beach for too long, here are 5 reasons you should come over to get some beach therapy. 1. The beach keeps you healthy There are direct benefits to being at the beach not only because there is Vitamin Sea but also Vitamin D. Most people who work in offices hardly get to catch the sun at the right time to synthesize natural Vitamin D. Your days at the beach catching the morning sun can help make up for some of that deficiency. Don’t forget that sunscreen if you plan to stay longer though 2. Out of the spa and into the ocean From algae to sea salts and even sea weeds, luxury spas offer an exotic mix of natural ingredients that help rejuvenate your skin. But why go to a spa when you can get it all directly at the beach! A simple dip in the ocean will also have a rejuvenating effect on your skin. And the best part is that you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for it! 3. It helps you leave stress behind “There is some comfort in the emptiness of the sea. No past. No future.” – The Last Samurai. In a way, when you stare at the endless waves, it offers you to seek the stillness of your mind. It allows you to remove the worry and focus towards the solution. We all face challenges in life which sometimes seems insurmountable It’s no wonder that you can spend an entire evening at the beach watching the waves and feel calm and happy. 4. You can exercise freely Beach has the perfect concoction for exercise. There’s a great view which puts you in a good mood. There is no jostling for space. There is no news repeating in cycles or thumping music. Instead there is sand which makes your workout better. And even the post workout casual swim helps burn calories. Yoga at the beach allows you to concentrate towards unifying body, mind and soul and feeling in harmony with the universe. 5. The beach makes you happy Scientists believe that the amniotic fluid in the womb is our first and deep connection with water. Our body itself is 70% water. Water is a part of us and helps us survive and thrive. Our deep connection with water allows us to be subconsciously happy around water bodies. The sound waves, blue waters and white sand offer a soothing backdrop of colours and sound that help us calm our mind. The openness of the beach provides a sense of safety, not having hidden threats. The fact that you can unplug and connect with nature is another reason that makes us happy. What’s not to love! Rathnam Rathnasamy is the Founder of Andaman Holidays. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Rathnam Rathnasamy

Rathnam Rathnasamy is the founder of Andaman Holidays. He started the company over two decades back. After visiting the Andamans as a tourist, he fell in love with the islands and decide to call it his home. Today, the company has over 40 employees and has expanded beyond tour packages to offer event management, cruise tourism services, private flight services, and yacht agency services on the islands. Our personalized service and attention to detail is our strong point and we do not hesitate to go above and beyond for our clients and guests.

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  1. Beach therapy – yes please! Next time I go on vacation that is what I need to tell people. Doctors orders, important therapy session. There is something so relaxing about just lying on the beach with the sound of the ocean in the background and the sun shining. I agree though, sunscreen is an absolute must.

  2. Beach therapy does work!! My all time favourite thing about being by the sea is the fresh air, it’s so uncommon for me to be somewhere without smog or other pollutants. These photos made me feel so calm – I’d love to live by the beach during some point of my life. Early morning walks would be fantastic

  3. By far the best therapy! We would spend hours at the beach to relax our minds. Just sitting in the sand listening to the waves, like how simple right? Another tip is to bring water because it gets warm out there! Loved your post! Can’t wait to read your other posts.

  4. It’s fantastic to learn that traveling to the beach will help you leave stress behind. My wife and I are wanting to relieve our stress from work and our kids. I’ll be sure to let her know that we should consider going to the beach to relieve our stress.

  5. I liked how you said our deep connection with water is what makes us feel unconsciously happy around bodies of water. That’s probably the reason why my sister splashes water in the bathroom whenever her anxiety spikes. I might take her on a boat tour one of these days to help her.

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