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5 luxury honeymoon experiences in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

Planning a wedding is stressful, there’s no two ways about it. But planning a honeymoon should provide respite. No table plans to navigate, caterers to negotiate with, or photographers to sift through. This first holiday as a married couple should be the perfect tonic after a frantic few months.

With a relaxed pace of life, phenomenal natural wonders, rich history, and high-end accommodation, Indochina promises an unforgettable honeymoon. Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are so close to each other geographically, but each have something different to offer – it would be amiss to travel all that way, only to set foot on one. Hopefully these very special experiences will inspire you to take on the trio.

1. Vietnam: Travel to Halong Bay by seaplane

Halong Bay has long been used in countless advertising campaigns the world over. Just look at it! This area is home to a series of limestone islands and islets that rise from emerald waters, leaving you positively dwarfed from below. Even on a grey day (and they can happen), mist forms a halo around the tip of each of the karsts, giving the whole place an otherworldly feel.

Weaving around by boat is a memorable experience, but it is impossible to grasp the sheer scale of the area, take a seaplane to see the moss-blanketed pillars stretch out into the horizon.

2. Cambodia: Take a private helicopter over Angkor

Angkor Wat is world-famous for a reason. This enormous complex of 12th-century temples offers a snapshot into the days of the Khmer Empire, and exploring the area on-foot is an absolute must when visiting Cambodia. Appreciate the workmanship on the faces of the bas-reliefs, and see how huge jungle roots have enveloped them over time (Ta Prohm drew particular attention following the release of Tomb Raider). It’s well worth rising early to see the sun rise over the temple-strewn skyline.

But, the area is extremely popular, and it’s (highly) unlikely that you’ll have the place to yourself. Take a private helicopter to appreciate the vastness of the site and the sprawling jungle beyond, without other tourists cramping your style. A unique way to see one of the most incredible man-made sights in the world.

3. Laos: Swim at the Kuang Si waterfalls

The magnificent Kuang Si waterfalls are only 32km from the sleepy city of Luang Prabang, but this haven, with its thick, lush greenery, could be a world away. Waterfalls cascade through trees, over limestone tiers, and into aquamarine pools below. This gift of nature (to tourists and locals alike) provides a welcome respite from the heat. After taking a dip in the waters, and breathing in the freshest forest air, take some time to explore the surrounding area.

The jungle, with its range of flora and fauna, is a lovely hiking option. Look up into the trees to spot birds jump from tree to tree, and visit the local sanctuary to see bears that have been rescued from poachers and given protection in this oasis.

4. Vietnam: Relax in the Cham Islands

With architecture that draws influence from across the world, a scenic riverside location, top tailors, and tasty Vietnamese coffee to boot, Hoi An is a firm favourite for visitors to Vietnam. Visit during the Hoi An Lantern Festival to see the town plunged into darkness (as electric lights are switched off), and then magically lit by twinkling tea-lights that float down the river.

After spending a few days in the town (and taking a day trip to the My Son ruins), reward walking-weary limbs on the surrounding white-sand beaches just a short speedboat ride from the coast. With empty coastline, and only two small fishing villages, The Cham Islands are a great option for a spot of honeymoon R&R.

5. Laos: Take a sunset cruise on the Mekong

The UNESCO World Heritage City of Luang Prabang is a relaxing place to while away a few days – a particular highlight is a walking tour around beautiful architecture, from golden temples, to French colonial villas. The city is fringed by rambling countryside, wooded areas, and the winding Mekong and Nam Khan rivers beyond.

Spend a day in the city before boarding a traditional riverboat on the Mekong in the evening, and look out as the sun sets over the surrounding mountains. All this sightseeing is hungry work; moor up and prepare for a delicious Lao feast, accompanied by entertainment from a local band and a group of traditional dancers.

All that’s left to say is good luck for the big day, and happy planning your honeymoon to Indochina.

Alastair Donnelly is Director at InsideAsia Tours.

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  1. One good address in Vietnam: the Six Senses resort on Con Dao island. Very romantic and a true gem for Vietnam. From the resort you can rent Vespas and travel easily on the island. One of my best discovery.

  2. Most of my travellers said the 15 minutes flying over Halong is the highlight of the trip.

    It’s also super and super great to have a wedding at one of the sand beaches at the foot of the rock islets, just before the first sun beams get over the rock islets. That beauty is great for the start of a marriage, isn’t it?

  3. These are really ideal honeymoon destination, such a great mixture of culture, sun, and relaxation! I think Vietnam would be first on my list, I love the feeling of being insignificant to all the huge natural structures around me, it’s a feeling that everyone should experience at least a few times! I’ve always wanted to go on a seaplane too. Angkor Wat is a great choice too, my boyfriend would love the tomb-raider feel to it!

  4. Vietnam is one of my favourite places, each place you visit there is so different and amazing. I loved Halong Bay and would love to go back there with my boyfriend. It’s also so cheap there so you can definitely get stay in some beautiful hotels. These destinations all look ideal for a honeymoon.

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