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5 inspiring non-skier activities in Châtel

Perhaps you have grandparents staying or friends who haven’t caught the skiing bug, or maybe you just fancy a break from thrashing around on the slopes. The charming resort of Châtel offers a host of alternative diversions. Coffee shops, bars and restaurants line the main streets providing welcome opportunities for relaxation and people watching. Tempting artisan foods and crafts can be bought in local shops. For something more active why not try some of our favourite past times? 1. Snow shoeing Get away from the crowds to peaceful areas where solitude and nature abound. Over 80km of trails are sign-posted around Châtel and Morgins, both in the high mountains and through the lower forests. If you would rather not head out alone, guides will happily accompany you and plan appropriate routes. 2. On the slopes without the skis For children and the young at heart there are a variety of dedicated sledging runs. Driven by speed? Try the hilarious snake-gliss. This line of articulated sledges slides down empty slopes – suitable for ages 8+. Even faster are the inflatable air-boards, for which helmets are definitely required! 3. Moutain restaurants Châtel, being located in the Valleé d’Abondance, has a strong connection with mountain cuisine. Restaurants are scattered over the slopes, many being easily accessible by non-skiers. Savoyard food is produced with flair in a backdrop of stunning scenery, outdoor terraces and tempting wines. 4. Swimming and spas The Châtel leisure centre is a contemary setting with a great selection of facilities. The outdoor pool includes a bubbling Jacuzzi, as well as indoor pools and kids area. If you would rather enjoy an indulgent massage, the Ocean Spa has a wide range of treatments to help you unwind. 5. Take to the skies with paragliding and the Fantasticable. Fly over the valley at high speed with the Fantastcable, suspended from a cable stretching between the mountain tops. At 1200m in length and with speeds of up to 100km/h this is one of the most exhilarating zip wires ever. For a more peaceful descent the paraglider floats over mountains, giving a bird’s eye view of the slopes below. Clare Galloway is Director at Clarian Chalets. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I’ve forwarded this to my husband as although I am a big skier, he’s not. Sometimes it is hard at resorts to find enough to do for him, but this definitely looks as though he would be kept amused whilst I was out on the slopes for the day.

  2. I appreciate this blog post idea, I never really considered the possibility of not being able to ski once I try it lol. The idea of sitting in a beautifully curated coffee shop in snowy France is so appealing to me – perhaps more appealing than skiing itself! A spa would also be a fantastic break from all that exercise – especially a heated pool!

  3. Very useful post as I’ve never been skiing before, I’m not sure if I’ll like it or be any good. I can always do these activities instead. I’d love to go swimming in a heated pool or relax in one of the spas. This would be amazing whilst looking out onto the snowy mountains.

  4. Twenty years ago I would have been on the slopes every day during a week’s skiing. Sadly age has taken its toll. I still enjoy my ski trips but nowadays I prefer to ski every other day.

    Even if my knees, hips, heart and lungs suddenly became 20 years younger, I still think that I’d stick to every other day. As Chatel shows there are plenty of other things to do than just ski. My only major point is that good restaurants are definitely an attraction for every day of the week.

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