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Video of the week: Epic lava ‘fire hose’ in Hawaii

This dramatic lava flow streamed out of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. Filmed by Kalapana Cultural Tours, it was temporarily extinguished by a cliff collapse but returned with a vengeance a few days later. The lava flow, named 61g, has captured the attention of geologists since it first appeared earlier this year.
YouTube video

Paul Johnson

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  1. That is incredible. Nature can be so frightening yet awe inspiring at the same time. I definitely wouldn’t like to be that close to a lava flow of that size, but it is an amazing video.

  2. Oh wow first of all I was so confused by what the video was of, the quality is almost TOO crisp and clear! I wonder if it feels really hot standing as close as the people were to it? Such a beautiful sight to see, I’d love to see lava at some point in my life. It’s definitely photogenic!

  3. Incredible video, nature is so interesting. The lava is such a bright red.What an amazing video, the quality of it is very clear. Very impressed by this, thanks for sharing.

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