Dubrovnik luxury villa in Croatia reasonable price
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Top 6 destinations for an affordable luxury villa in Croatia

Did you know that on 2nd November 2017 Croatia was voted the best country in the world in the 2017 World Country Awards? It is also ranked in the Rough Guides’ top 20 beautiful countries in the world; although this is not surprising given its vast range of incredible sights, which include wonderful beaches, charming old-walled cities and stunning natural parks. Additionally Croatia offers an idyllic Mediterranean climate, untouched nature, affordable luxury, and delicious, local homemade food. The country oozes history and culture and perfectly blends traditional with modern architecture. We spoke to our friends at VIP Holiday Booker to identify Croatia’s top 6 destinations where you can stay in affordable luxury. Top 6 destinations to stay in a luxury villa in Croatia for a reasonable price 1. Dubrovnik While it may not be the country’s capital city, Dubrovnik is Croatia’s capital city of charm, lying in the south, facing the Adriatic Sea. Who wouldn’t fall in love with its fabulous old town, which was finished in the 16th century and is encircled with great, impressive stone walls. The country’s most famous destination has also been used as a film location for Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik was actually a maritime republic from 1358 until 1808, called the Republic of Ragusa. It’s a city with an amazing history. Dubrovnik luxury villa in Croatia reasonable price 2. Hvar The glitzy, glamorous town of Hvar is so beautiful, and on top of that its marvellous marble streets are traffic-free. Hvar is actually an island, which seems to sit perfectly in its small bay, lying in the Adriatic sea. The town is filled with great restaurants and nightlife, but its romantic 13th century walls, which surround wonderful Gothic palaces, make it a mecca for honeymooners and wedding parties. Hvar luxury villa in Croatia reasonable price 3. Split Capital of the Dalmatia region, Split offers visitors the perfect blend of ancient and modern architecture. The city is home to one of the world’s most amazing Roman monuments; the ever-so impressive Diocletian’s Palace; which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Head inside the town’s ancient walls, to enjoy a buzzing atmosphere, with charming, thriving shops, bars and restaurants. Split luxury villa in Croatia reasonable price 4. Makarska Located between Dubrovnik and Split is the idyllic seaside Makarska Riviera, with its pristine turquoise waters and natural beaches. Backed by wonderful dramatic rocky heights, Makarska is actually constructed around a beautiful deep, sheltered bay. The slopes of the rocky heights of Mount Biokovo are home to well-marked trails, making it a great spot for nature lovers and hikers. Makarska luxury villa in Croatia reasonable price 5. Brač The island of Brač is paradise with its untouched nature and mountainous cycling paths. It might surprise you to know that its famous radiant white stone was used in the White House, in Washington D.C. You may even know Brač without realising it, as Bol, its long pebbly beach, which extends into the Adriatic Sea, is used on many of the country’s tourism posters. Other charms of this island are its delightful pine forests and its charming, sleepy villages. Brac luxury villa in Croatia reasonable price 6. Primosten Located in North Dalmatia, close to Sibenik, Primosten was once an island and nowadays is a pretty town, with the appearance of a half-island. Primosten is the place to go for those of you who like to have plenty of tourist facilities on hand; it is a perfect, idyllic resort. The town is also a great place to base yourself to head off and visit a variety of great tourist sites, including the spectacular Krka National Park. Welcome to the wonderful country of Croatia; which is 2017’s best country in the world. Primosten luxury villa in Croatia reasonable price Disclosure: This post is sponsored by VIP Holiday Booker.

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  1. I didn’t know that Croatia had won that award, fantastic. From this article it is hard to know where to go first, but maybe Dubrovnik and try to take in at least one other destination. The properties shown are gorgeous.

  2. Hvar is a perfect getaway if you can keep away from the party atmosphere. A true gem.

    Croatia is really going places at the moment. Not only is it seen a safe haven in an increasingly unpredictable world, but there are some really exciting developments going on in the country at the moment, particularly from a luxury standpoint. I can’t wait to go back!

  3. I’ve had Plitvice in my sights for some time now. It looks so beautiful – would love to explore that region in both the summer and the winter; I’m sure it must be equally impressive whatever the season.

    I’d also love to spend some time in Split – I’ve heard to many great things about the city.

  4. Like others here, I’ve had Croatia in my sights for some time. I nearly went the Summer just gone but work got in the way. I’m definitely going to make it there in 2018, and these villas look like a great starting point for my planning. Thanks for bringing them to my attention – off to look at the company’s website now.

  5. Loving that sunset and view in the shot of the villa at Makarska! The Makarska Riviera has to be one of the most beautiful stretches of the Croatian coast – largely pebble beaches but a beautiful area to explore all the same.

    1. Makarska, indeed, is one of the loveliest rivieras in Croatia. Not only in the last years but beginning with tourism in Dalmatia in the late 1950s it was always the first picked destinations, especially for German tourists. It is so popular because beaches down there are without exception natural pebble. No sun umbrellas are needed because of tall tamaris tree and with the huge Biokovo mountain, it has always natural cooler winds in the Summer than the rest of the rivieras on this coastlines.

      Regarding the Biokovo mountain, it is also one popular destination of an excursion with its top “Saint George”. When you reach Saint George, you can see on one site the most beautiful panoramic view of the sea and the islands you might have ever seen and on the other site, you’ll see Bosnian territory with its valleys and fields – undescribable magnificent.

      Also, Split is only a one-hour drive away and Dubrovnik cca. 2 hours.

  6. I would love to visit Croatia this year and totally prefer staying in villas to hotels it just feels so much more relaxing and your own little corner of luxury. All of these villas look amazing but I am swayed most by Makarskafor sure.

  7. We went to Croatia last summer and the whole family loved it. But we didn’t have a villa like any of these. They are in a different league to where we stayed. I need to think again for our return trip to Croatia.

  8. I only see Dalmatia Dalmatia Dalmatia, like rest of croatia is not important??? Have you ever been in istria? It has great cultural heritage, people are great and will not try to rob you for pair of sun chairs on beach, or Kvarner bay between Istria and Dalmatia, perfect distance if you are traveling by car, everything is close if you want to visit, and what is best its not crowded like Dalmatia.

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