Considerations to create your perfect yacht charter

When you’re new to chartering, finding the perfect yacht to meet your requirements can seem like a daunting experience, so we have compiled our top five considerations to take into account when booking your charter holiday. The best type of yacht for your requirements There are two types of yachts that are most popular for charter holidays: motor and sail. Although both provide a completely different on-the-water experience, the cabin configurations are often quite similar, meaning one of your main considerations should be whether you would like to cruise the coastline or sail this at a leisurely pace. If you are unsure, a motor yacht is often the most popular choice as you can choose the speed that you travel at. Size of yacht The actual size of a yacht is often less important than the yacht’s actual configuration. The best place to start with yacht size is by working out how many cabins you require. Legally, only 12 guests can stay onboard at any time, meaning most yachts are limited to a maximum of six cabins. Once you know how many guests you have on board and their sleeping arrangements – i.e. double, twin or pullman beds – you will be able to work out how many cabins are required. From here you can explore your options. The volume of a yacht and how many decks it has is often a very important factor as this is the space you will be able to utilise whilst on board. Location Although this may seem like a simple consideration, in many instances people who are new to chartering are open to suggestions about the best locations to cruise – this is where a reputable broker will be able to assist. Some of the most popular destinations for cruising in Europe include the South of France, Adriatic, Balearics and Croatia. Once you know your location and the type of yacht you would like, your broker will be able to provide you with a wide array of options. Watersports equipment Most luxury yachts will come equipped with a range of watersports toys and equipment, so it is important to consider what activities you may wish to do whilst on-board. Your yacht will also most likely come with a tender: a small boat that will support the yacht. The tender can also be used to take you to and from shore, in addition to facilitating activities such as waterskiing or pulling inflatables. Crew Almost all superyachts are crewed and come with a Captain and most often other staff such as a private chef and stewardess. Crew numbers are important to consider when booking and it is advisable to consider the number of guests in your party, how much time you are going to be spending on-board and the activities you are looking to undertake whilst enjoying your charter. Geoff Moore is Managing Director at West Nautical. With offices in Russia, UK and France, West Nautical is a specialist in bespoke yacht charters, brokerage and management. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. There’s a group of us, obviously very lucky Babyboomers, who are thinking of doing yacht charter to celebrate when we finally retire within the next 18 months. We never thought that there was so much to weigh up when considering yacht charter.

    We are having enough problems agreeing on a destination that everybody is happy with as it is. But seriously thanks for the benefit of all your experience which should help us go make the right decision.

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