5 reasons to choose holiday rentals over hotel accommodation

With a plethora of great hotel and self catering options to choose from, it’s often hard to know which to go for you when deciding on your next holiday. So what are the advantages of choosing a self catering holiday villa or apartment over a hotel break for your next stay away?

Value for money

Well, first and foremost, self catering villas and apartments tend to offer great value for money, especially if you’re travelling as part of a larger group or as a family, and particularly if you don’t conform to the 2+2 family model. The cost per head is typically far cheaper when opting for a holiday rental over a hotel based on a comparable level of accommodation. But not just this, opting for self catering allows you to purchase and store your own food supplies and cook your own meals, thus saving you money on eating out as well.

Better understand the local way of life

Those opting to stay in a holiday villa or apartment often find that it allows them to enjoy a  greater understanding of the local culture and way of life. After all, when staying in a holiday rental, you could well be lucky enough to meet and get to know your neighbours, and you can certainly find plenty of opportunities to practice your language skills and absorb the local culture in the shops and markets when stocking up on groceries. It’s an experience that you just wouldn’t get to enjoy as much in a hotel.

More space in which to relax

Families can certainly find that opting for a villa or apartment can provide them with the space they need to relax properly. For those with little ones, there is surely nothing more depressing than putting the little one to bed at 7 o’clock only to find they have to spend the rest of the evening tiptoeing around the hotel room in fear of waking them up?!!! Opting for self catering will mean your little one can be tucked up in bed whilst you are sat in the living areas, on the balcony or even in your own private garden. But even when your children are teenagers, it’s just as important to have the extra space in which the whole family can relax. And, as it’s your own space, you don’t have to worry about your children disturbing any of the other hotel guests either. What is more, if you’re lucky enough to have a holiday rental with a pool, you can even have the pool all to yourself.

Set your own holiday timetable

Whilst it can undoubtedly be lovely to have someone make breakfast for you, a service which you can almost always enjoy in a hotel, on the flip side this does mean that you are restricted to hotel breakfast times and strict hotel rules. Opting for a holiday villa means that if you fancy a lie in one morning, you can enjoy one safe in the knowledge that breakfast will still be on hand after a late start. And you can certainly do it safe in the knowledge that room service won’t be knocking on the door wanting to make up your bed! Choosing self catering means you can set your own timetable on holiday, allowing you to come and go as you please… So if you want to stay in bed until late morning and have lunch in the middle of the afternoon, you can! Or if you want to stay out late and enjoy the local culture, you can arrive back safe in the knowledge that you won’t be disturbing other guests.

More flexibility

If you have children, or if you have members in the group with special dietary requirements, then opting for self catering will certainly give you much greater flexibility at meal times. Those with young children can stock up on healthy snacks at the supermarket whilst those with fussy eaters in the family can relax knowing that you’ll be able to whizz up some familiar meals for them in your own kitchen. In any case, what can possibly beat a BBQ in the comfort of your holiday rental garden? 9 times out of 10, it’s usually a much more relaxing option than eating in the hotel dining room, particularly if you have children that need to be entertained!

Jo Mackay is Owner of Bookings For You. Bookings For You is a company offering apartment and villa rentals in Italy and France.

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Comments (2)

  1. Shah says:

    Thank you for sharing this article. Holiday rentals are very popular in countries like the US but not as much in other countries (e.g. Europe). However I think holiday rentals will become more popular as people realise that it can offer more different choices (even including tree houses and log cabins!). Also, holiday rental owners are often more willing to provide a more personalised service for guests than hotels.

  2. Graham says:

    We always use rentals both in Europe and lately in South Africa. It gives you so much freedom

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