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The secrets of the Mayan Riviera

Some dives truly are better than others. They don’t go for the resort-like feeling of many dive experiences, which offer a day of diving almost as a side-note to the amenities, land tours, and the feeling of a warm hug. They can provide all of the above, but the focus of these tours is the time spent on the adventures offered, each of which will take you to exotic locales to encounter marine life in ways not many will ever have the chance to experiences. Along the Mayan Riviera you’ll find several exotic dive tours that aren’t just put on by your average run-of-the-mill dive shop. The dive professionals in the area have taken the lush landscape and unique wildlife into account and made trips that are both unmatched and unforgettable. The area truly offers some of the finest dives in the furthest reaches of both the Earth and into the imagination of the diver. In fact, Dive Ninja Expeditions, based out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, leads an exclusive tour out to the most remote sites. The Mayan Riviera is a Caribbean coastal stretch which includes the resort town of Playa Del Carmen and the quiet retreat of Tulum. People come from all over to the white-sand beaches for a taste of world-class relaxation and a sense of serenity nearly unmatched by a great portion of what the world has to offer. This Riviera, one which sees beautiful weather at any time of year, is home to cenotes, reefs, and a wide range of wildlife including everything from giant whale sharks to the small fish which hide among the corals in the region. But the prime meat of the area lies in its dives with saltwater crocodiles. In the waters of Banco Chinchorro curious explorers can get up-close with the living dinosaurs of the sea. While making an expedition to see them travelers are required to have special government permits, and will become one with the wild as they explore by day and sleep in hammocks at night. Another off-the-beaten-path destination is the more accessible, yet equally impressive, Xcalak Marine Park. It can be reached by bus or small private airport, and is home to a few hotels, but don’t expect cell phone service. During dives in Xcalak the high visibility will allow for other unique marine sightings, and lucky divers will experience encounters with the local manatee population. James Tsuei is the CEO at Deepblu. Deepblu is one of the fastest-growing dive experiences marketplaces and divers’ communities.

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  1. Intense experiences James! Diving does not seem like an afterthought for these folks. Crocs, whale sharks, amazing. Genuine experiences for sure. Not a diver here but ya got me second guessing myself and my fears LOL.


  2. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this area of Mexico in terms of visiting the more touristy spots. I know there are equally beautiful places on the opposite side of the country. I’d love to check this out, though — being in a place with no cell phone service is something I desperately need right now, like a digital detox.

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