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Travel video of the week: Vienna from an eagle eye’s view

Watch the spectacular 360-degree video of Vienna from the perspective of an eagle, a product of Red Bull Media House for the Vienna Tourist Board. A world premiere – equipped with a 360-degree camera, the eagles flew over Vienna to capture impressive moving images of the city. Vienna’s beauty can only be seen to its full extent from a bird’s eye view. With the help of VR glasses, you can see Vienna in this 360-degree perspective from the bird of prey’s point of view.
YouTube video
Fritzi and Bruno, the two eagles, started in October 2017 from the Danube Tower and from a hot-air balloon that took off from the garden of Palais Schwarzenberg. Their colleagues Darshan and Victor completed the recordings in early 2018. You can learn more about the making of this short film in this other video.
YouTube video
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Paul Johnson

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  1. Talk about Bird’s Eye view. It’s a reminder that there’s still some greenery in Avicenna such as parks and beautiful ornate gardens.

    I’d just settled down with a cup of coffee for a quick ten-minute break so I was disappointed that there wasn’t more of this, I would have loved another three or four minutes.

  2. This is a game-changer. A revolutionary concept. Cutting-edge technology used with nature.

    I love the fact that it all looks so effortless for the Eagle and this majestic bird looks completely at home in a man-made environment.

    Though I work in the media industry and I think this film’s still got potential to do more. How do you give the audience more info about Vienna without ruining the natural aspect??

    Any ideas?

  3. Vienna is the perfect setting for this inspirational piece of film-making. From it’s Imperial grandeur as the capital of the Austrian-Hapsburg Empire there’s a grand scale to this majestic city on the Danube.
    The Eagle’s flight demonstrates the magnificent Baroque architecture and also how well it has been maintained.

    Has the Eagle made any other films of other cities?

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