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5 of the most amazing star beds in South Africa

We all dream of those safaris and wilderness experiences where you sleep out in the open while looking up at the endless amount of stars that light up the sky. Lucky enough, more and more places start to offer star beds where you can experience just that. 1. Milky Way Star Bed, Samara Private Game Reserve Located in the Karoo it will be hard to find a more dramatic backdrop for this star bed. Ideal for those who are looking to spend a romantic night under the milky way, or just want to get closer to nature. You get views over the river so animal sightings are common. What could be more fabulous than waking up in the morning and seeing the wildlife having a drink right in front of you. If you are keen on giving it a try, remember that during winter (May to September) there is no availability due to the cold weather at night in this area. 2. Chalkley Treehouse, Lion Sands Game Reserve The Lion Sands game reserve is located in both the infamous Sabi Sands game reserve and Kruger National Park. It will be hard to find a better place to see the vast amount of wildlife that roams in this area. This treehouse gives you all the comforts of a 5-star lodge, but without a roof above your head or any noise from your neighbours as they are all a few miles away. From the elevated platform you’ll have some amazing 360’ degrees views over the bush. Enjoy the sounds of the outdoors, the twinkling of the stars, and please forget about the wifi as there is none needed, nor provided. 3. Star Suite, Kagga Kamma Nestled deep in the Cederberg mountains you’ll find this amazing Star Suite. It sits perfectly in the rocky landscape and it’s a great getaway when you’re staying in a metropolis like Capetown as it’s only a few hours’ drive from the city. The spectacular scenery will entertain you as a guest in so many ways. Quad bike safaris, exploring the hiking trails or just relax and marvel at the surroundings are just some of the things to keep you busy in this place where you feel like being on another planet. The star suite even has its own natural rock pool. To make things even better, the clear dark skies and relative elevation makes Kagga Kamma ideal for stargazing. At their mini observatory you’ll be able to explore the galaxy while an expert gives you all the related info. 4. Malori, Tswalu Kalahari Most of us think of the Kalahari as a desert where the sand dunes are endless and the heat unbearable. Fact is though, this part of the Kalahari is rather green with semi-arid grassland and open savannahs. The perfect location to place a luxury sleep-out deck called Malori, which means ‘dreamer’ in Tswana. You can sleep under the thatched roof, or roll the bed out on the open deck and enjoy the starlit sky. Nothing can beat sleeping in a king-sized bed dressed with Egyptian cotton which is standing out in the open. That must be the ultimate Kalahari luxury experience. 5. The Hide, Sanctuary Makanyane Safari Lodge, Madikwe National Park Regarded by many as one of the prime parks to see wildlife, Madikwe is fast becoming a heaven for luxury travelers looking for a malaria free game park. And The Hide is the spot where it all comes together. Forget all the modern luxuries and tone it down to what is really important: the nature. The sounds of the bush are best enjoyed when there is no distraction, just a deck lit by lanterns and the countless stars in the African night sky. The Hide gives you just that. Don’t try to book it during June or July, as the weather isn’t ideal for sleeping out in the open at that time, but that still gives you 10 months a year to have one of the best nights you’ll even have.

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  1. Thank you for the inspiration.

    My son and future daughter-in-law are considering South Africa as a possible honeymoon destination – fortunately for December – January.

    A few nights at some of these star beds would make for a great wedding present.

    1. December and January are perfect as the weather will be ideal for sleeping in one of these.

      And it’s indeed a great wedding present.

  2. This looks so romantic and I think I’d really like to try it but …

    It takes quite a leap of faith to sleep out.

    I’m sure that the safari lodges have got danger from big cats covered.

    It’s the creepy-crawlies and flying bugs that worry me.

    1. Zoe – go with the flow. Take some chances, live your life. Even in suburbia you get some vicious creepy crawlies. If travel ever becomes risk-free most of us would miss the adventure and just stay at home.

    2. No need to worry about the big cats as indeed all of them take safety very seriously.

      Creepy-crawlies and flying bugs are minimal as you are provided with mosquito nets that hang over the bed, making sure you have a wonderful night.

  3. For the indigenous tribes of South Africa the night-sky was an important part of their world view. Some tribes believed that when you died your spirit became a star in the night sky. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten many of the myths that I picked up long ago. Do any of these lodges do “a tour” of the night sky explaining what it all meant to the tribes?

    1. A lot of these lodges do have some specialists regarding the galaxy and its stars. I’m not sure if they all add the info regarding the tribes and their myths.

  4. Why would anyone even want Wi-fi? If you’ve travelled to one of this blissful locations, live in the moment. Just for once forget about the rest of the world. It’ll still be there when you return to “civilisation”.

  5. Everything in South Africa will surely keep you in touch with all the aspects of nature. There are a lot of activities that you can try as you travel around the country. Visiting parks, kayaking with crocodiles and taking a river cruise are only few of the many things that you should experience during your stay. After a tiring day, a relaxing night under the stars will leave you in awe and you will surely prefer to stay in this type of places more than hotels.

  6. Oh wow, these are all so beautiful. National Parks and game reserves are a great way to connect with nature, but staying under the stars, outdoors like this? It seems perfect for unplugging, focusing on what really matters and living in the moment, appreciating the peace and quiet and the beauty of what’s around you.

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