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5 of the best restaurants in Santiago de Chile

With its lunar landscape deserts to the north and its dazzling glacial mountain ranges to the south, Chile is a fabulous place to vacation. And if you know where to go, it’s also a great place to dine. Chilean cuisine is as diverse as its geography. Its innovatory chefs come armed with a blend of traditional and contemporary methods as well as unique, local ingredients to create flavours that just don’t exist in other parts of the world. And most of the top can be found in its capital, Santiago. Whether you’re in town for a brief layover or staying put a little longer, here are five of the best, fine dining restaurants in Santiago to try during your visit. 1. Boragó Boragó is more than a restaurant, it’s an establishment, a landmark, a symbol. Head Chef Rodolfo Guzman seeks out lesser known, rare, indigenous ingredients from the heights and depths of the country and transforms them into something truly majestic. As well as working directly with the local farms and vineyards, the restaurant even milks its own milk and harvests its own vegetables. Having won numerous awards, Boragó is a bucket list experience to savour. Borago restaurant 2. Europeo This modern Chilean restaurant showcases innovative fine dining at its friendliest. Interiors are clean and simple; it’s all about great food here. Working closely with small local farms and producers, Head Chef Francisco Mandiola insists on the highest quality, freshest ingredients to create beautiful new flavours. Creative yet accessible, elegant but not stuffy, Europeo is a Santiago favourite. Europeo restaurant Santiago 3. 99 Restaurante Strictly speaking 99 Restaurante is not fine dining. Nevertheless, it serves some of the finest food in town. A favourite with locals, this award-winning eatery is all about authentic, but elegant, local Chilean cuisine. Rustic wooden tables and chunky crockery set the stage for its ever-popular dishes. Service is friendly yet never overbearing, the ambiance is warm and inviting… and it’s surprisingly good value. Restaurante 99 4. Restaurante 040 Sexy, fun and quite frankly a little bonkers is how many locals would describe 040. Tucked away on a downtown side street, 040 is perfect for date nights, parties and celebrations. The tasting menu is a veritable Willy Wonker tour of Chile served on everything from straw lined egg shells to miniature statues. And to keep the party alive, a hidden speakeasy up a concealed elevator serves great cocktails to the tune of funky jazz. 5. Osaka As its name suggests, Osaka focuses on Nikkei cuisine, the Japanese-Peruvian fusion food now famed across much of the globe. Consistently popular with locals in Santiago, Osaka is classy and alluring, arguably serving the best (and prettiest) ceviche and sushi in town. With a capacity of up to 145 diners, it’s also a favourite with groups, offering great service and glamourous vibe. Osaka Santiago. Best ceviche

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  1. What’s the dish in the picture below Boragó? It’s the one with the orange ingredients.

    As to 99 restaurants we get too hung about “fine dining”. You don’t need white linen table clothes, a multi-lingual sommelier and chandeliers for food to be good. Some of the greatest tastes that I have ever experienced have been from street food.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Yes, you’re totally right. For me at least it depends on my mood. Sometimes I want white table clothes, candles galore and waiters everywhere, but other times I just want something more relaxed.

      Thank you again.


  2. Great to see a restaurant focusing on ceviche options. When ceviche is done properly, by a chef who knows what he is doing, it’s a great dish. As it is almost always juice from a citrus fruit that is used for the “cooking” you can get some gentle flavours that work so well with fish and seafood. Then there’s a slight kick from the acid too.

    On top of that, cooking without using gas, electricity or pumping smoke from a BBQ it is about as environmentally friendly as you can get.

    1. So true! We used to have a Peruvian maid and she made a mean ceviche. I thought ceviche was easy to prepare (it’s basically just raw fish, right?!) but I was so wrong! When done right it’s amazing, otherwise it’s a waste.

  3. Presentation of these dishes is simply stunning. I’m not sure that I’m going to get down to Chile in the near future. Perhaps another post could maybe feature a Top 5 Chilean dishes and some suggestions on how to make them? I’d love to have some authentic menus to try out on the Guinea Pigs who are my family of willing tasters.

  4. Thank you Helen, that’s great idea! I’m a very fussy eater and there are some Chilean dishes here that I simply adore. Watch this space…

  5. One not to miss is Como Agua Para Chocolate, apparently translates to “like water for chocolate” based on a famous Mexican novel about a steamy woman who likens “getting to the boil” to when hot water is added to chocolate. Not sure I fully understand, but think Fifty Shades and we’re probably in the right direction.

    It is run by a fiery blonde lady, it is loud, frenetic and colourful with a fountain full of flowers and a bed for six. Literally, a beautiful large brass bed complete with pillow where three guests are seated either side to enjoy a full a la carte meal with silver service on silk and lace bed linen. I quite enjoyed the theme going on there.

    1. Hi David, Oh yes this place is fun too! The places I mentioned here are more fine dining, but Como Agua Para Chocolate sure is fun. Maybe another post on the most fun dining experiences in Santiago beckons… !

  6. I love how inventive and creative these places are with their dishes. Presentation can count for a lot if you’re looking for a novel experience, and they certainly seem to do well when it comes to making their food look delectable and intriguing. I’m so curious about the 040 restaurant, it sounds like a hidden gem down a side street and I think I’d enjoy some funky jazz while sipping cocktails.

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