New ultra-luxury brand for MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises has announced plans for a new ‘ultra-luxury’ brand targeted at the ultra high net worth. The world’s largest privately-owned cruise company has commissioned construction of new four hyper luxury vessels, with a value in excess of 2 billion euros. The dedicated super luxury brand aims to reach a new segment of wealthy clientele and sits alongside MSC Cruises’ current premium brand, The Yacht Club. The new vessels are set to offer an even more luxurious, exclusive and personalised experience in their 500 state rooms. The first of these uber-luxurious liners will come into service in 2023, with the remaining ships launching once per year over the following three years. The memorandum of agreement with renowned shipbuilding company Fincantieri is part of an ambitious, industry-unprecedented 13.6-billion-euro investment plan, which will see the expansion of the MSC Cruises fleet to 29 ships by 2027. Interiors will be shaped by long-term MSC Cruises partner, De Jorio Design. World-renowned for combining their architectural savoir-faire with innovative creativity, the cruise ship interior experts have been tasked with adding their quintessential Italian elegance to this new project. This foray into the ultra-luxury segment heralds a new era for MSC Cruises and the cruise ship industry, with experts and luxury travellers alike watching with great anticipation.

Paul Johnson

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  1. I have always been in favour of ultra-luxury but it does come at a price. Maybe if I start saving now I’ll be ready for a cruise in2023!

    Though you never know they’ll probably have some good deals for early bookers for some of the maiden voyages.

    1. Steve you are probably right these luxurious new ships will be launched in a blaze of glory. They will probably have stands at some of the cruise shows from around 2021. It’s worth going along to these days to see what bargains you can pick-up. If you are prepared to pay early you can sometimes make huge savings.

  2. It is revealing that they’ve gone for 500 State Rooms. My problem with cruises is that I’ve sometimes felt a bit cramped and claustrophobic at sea. You need a good wardrobe to cover dressing for dining, shore excursions to a variety of destinations and just lounging on board, so space is always a welcome commodity. It is interesting that “cabin” seems to be dropping out of the Cruising vocabulary, perhaps because it’s got associations with functional accommodation for ship’s crews?

  3. Having read this I have great admiration for MSC, they’ve got a bold and brave business plan. They have clearly done their research and identified that the ultra luxury cruise market is ripe for expansion. Their confident and reason approach has enabled them to raise significant finance to fund their development and expansion. It’s a graduated long-term business development plan which deserves to succeed.

  4. Since I doubt this new build order, along with MSC’s other new vessels, is being paid through cash flow alone, I have to wonder just who the investors are? Could some be the same or similar to the sources of Silversea’s initial investors?

  5. It’s interesting to note the use of “hyper luxury” to describe these new vessels as if ultra or uber aren’t enough superlatives anymore. And my goodness, 500 state rooms? I’m going to guess it’s going to be really pricey.

  6. Cruises are kind of overrated these days and getting more expensive. Sea sickness, thalassophobia, and claustrophobia await you in cruise ships. Not to mention, a lot of people in an enclosed placed. Though, I’d say these luxury liners are not bereft of space. But I’d rather have a vacation in a hotel or a resort rather than in a moving vessel. Although, it wouldn’t be that bad experiencing it once. It really depends on the person actually.

  7. Although some people obviously have their doubts about cruises the upward trend of the numbers cruising suggests that the cruise providers are getting a lot right. Though I would be the first to admit that a cruise isn’t for everyone.

    But cruise companies don’t make investments like these without doing some extensive market research. My guess is that they’ve found that people will want to keep cruising for the foreseeable future.

  8. Cruises are for social types. If you want a quiet table for two in the corner then go for a hotel. Cruises get people to socialise. Usually you can dine with different people if you want to. Some of the activities bring people together as they try new things. You get to talk to people from all walks of life, admittedly they are usually a little older but many have lived amazing and full lives.

  9. Just one of these bad boys is impressive let alone four. When can people start booking for a cruise on the first one due to set sail in 2023? I’d certainly be interested to see what they have to offer, even if I couldn’t dream of affording a cruise on one myself any time soon!

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