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The best luxury travel experiences in Bolivia

Wild, untouched and still decidedly off-the-beaten-track, the appeal of travel in Bolivia is gradually growing to match its most-visited Andean neighbour, Peru. Boasting some of the most dramatic mountain landscapes in Latin America, cloud forests, deserts, volcanoes and the Amazon basin – this superbly diverse country has much to explore. Undoubtedly at a much earlier stage in its tourism development than the surrounding countries, luxury options in Bolivia are more limited in range, but nevertheless exceptionally rewarding. A true riot for the senses, here are some of our favourite one-of-a-kind luxury experiences to enjoy during a trip to Bolivia. A luxury stay in Zona Sur, La Paz Bolivia’s energetic Andean capital, La Paz is a booming city that has something for everyone. The city itself houses a host of interesting Spanish colonial and republican-period buildings, as well as a variety of touristic sites linked to the city’s many indigenous cultures which in Bolivia are still very much thriving part of everyday life for the majority of the population. Home to an increasingly affluent population of artists and business people, La Paz’s stylish and modern Zona Sur (‘South Zone’), peppered with the mansions of the uber-elite, is the place to stay in the city for a luxurious trip. Some of the best restaurants, bars and clubs in Bolivia are located in this area as well as the country’s finest hotels. Our favourite is ATIX, the first design hotel in Bolivia. This sleek and modern boutique combines stylish contemporary luxury with the authentic charm of Bolivian cultural heritage. Rooms are decorated in chic, muted tones, broken up with the vivid colours of the exclusive local artwork by Bolivian artist Gaston Ugalde. ATIX’s crowning glory is its relaxed lounge bar and delightful indoor pool with panoramic views of the surrounding mountainsides. For a luxurious stay in an eclectic and charming city, Zona Sur has a lot to offer. Airstream campers on the Salar de Uyuni Probably rightly Bolivia’s most famous attraction, the extensive Salt Lakes in Uyuni are one of the most surreal and breath-taking landscapes on Earth. One way to enjoy a tour of this exceptional region in unparalleled style is by spending nights out under the crystal-clear starry skies in your own deluxe classic airstream campervan. These well-equipped and cosy campers offer fabulous accommodation, as well as the services of a private chef, guide and driver to set up camp and prepare meals for you as you explore the delights of Bolivia’s rugged and striking southern altiplano in supreme comfort, with entirely personalised service. Private boat on Lake Titicaca A land of many superlatives, Lake Titicaca, perched on the border between Bolivia and neighbouring Peru is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world and easily one of the highlights of a visit to either country. The cobalt blue of the lake, framed by the snow-capped peaks of the Andes in the background makes for a striking picture, and the perfect place to enjoy indulgent treats during a luxury tour of the Andes. The best way to spend a relaxed evening by the lake is enjoying a private boat trip at dusk, watching the sun set over this magnificent scenery with a glass of champagne in hand. La Paz’s food culture Benefiting from the same bounteous variety of unusual and exotic ingredients as Peru, the capital of gastronomical innovation in Latin America, Bolivian cuisine is equally as forward-thinking and diverse, especially in the capital city. La Paz offers a huge range of boutique bars and eateries where the most exceptional emerging talents in Bolivian gastronomy offer their often-experimental fusion cuisine. One of the most exceptional culinary experiences in Bolivia is an exclusive evening meal at Gustu, an innovative restaurant in Zona Sur, offering a sophisticated menu of modern Latin American dishes, celebrating the flavours of local produce, traditional Bolivian cooking techniques and the avant-garde culinary techniques of high-end European restaurants. We recommend booking a table in advance to enjoy a delicious meal of the highest quality as part of a luxury holiday in Bolivia. Glamping in Bolivia’s countryside With some of the most remote and unspoiled scenery in Latin America, Bolivia is a wonderful destination for lovers of the great outdoors. However, exploring far-flung corners of this rugged paradise does not have to come at the cost of great accommodation and service. Often hundreds of kilometres from the nearest city, some of Bolivia’s best kept secrets are best enjoyed by glamping in the vast wilderness. With a spacious tent including a double bed with luxurious linens, complete with a coffeemaker and cosy armchairs, you can experience a blissful solitude in a unique setting with a private chef, driver and guide – either exploring the jungles of the Madidi, trekking through the Andes, or sleeping under the stars in the arid deserts of the south.

Simon Williams

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  1. After reading this my view of Bolivia has completely changed, it’s been turned on it’s head. I had no idea that it was so Uber-cool. Just imagine staying in one of those Air-Stream campers or mixing with the artists in the hyper-trendy Zona Sur?
    Bolivia has just shot up my “Places to Visit” List by about 120 places. Suddenly it’s a contender in the premier division.

  2. How photoshopped is that first image? The one of the mountains reflected in a lake that looks as if it is on fire. If it’s anywhere near real then it really is a place of outstanding natural beauty. I could definitely spend a few sunrise or sunset hours walking around the lake.

    1. I find editing photos fascinating. Let’s face it nature isn’t going to present you with perfect conditions every day. Life’s too short to sit about waiting for a cloud to shift and light levels to get better. For me, photo editing, trying to create the best image that I can is all part of the attraction of photography and seeing the world. Got to say that I’d love to have a go at photographing Bolivia.

  3. Bolivia has just shot up my “Places to Visit” List by about 120 places. Suddenly it’s a contender in the premier division. its so awesome.

  4. From what I can see here of Bolivian cuisine it is soon going to be pulling in foodies from all over the globe. It looks colourful, innovative and tasty.

  5. I never thought Bolivia has this type of luxury hiding in its cities. These mountains really remind me of the rockies in Colorado and the rocky mountains in Canada. Also, from what I’ve heard, Latin American food is very exotic but really scrumptious. I don’t know if the food in La Paz is very much like the food in Brazil or in Cuba but I’m sure it will fit well with my tastebuds. I really like the rustic look of the ATIX design hotel, I hope it’s not crowded and I can book a room easily.

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