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A stunning new villa concept has launched in the western Algarve

A new, exclusive villa concept has launched in the western Algarve. LUX MARE is a luxury holiday rental collection with two of the most stunning contemporary properties on the Portuguese shoreline. It all began when a Norwegian couple decided to build on their years of holidaying in the Algarve. Their unrivaled passion for the region saw them collaborate with internationally acclaimed local designers to create something truly unique. The LUX MARE project is a triumphant marriage between Scandinavian heritage and local Portuguese charm. Local design, Nordic flair The pair looked to Lagos born architect Mario Martins and his world renowned Mario Martins Atelier to fulfill this delicate design brief. The studio was tasked with constructing two exclusive villas which would at once stand proud with their Nordic design influences, all the while embracing the colours, textures and vibrant soul of its Portuguese environs. Light of the sea LUX MARE translates from the Latin as ‘light of the sea’, and forms the basis of this new luxury villa concept. Villas I and II sit like two pieces of a puzzle, complementing each other and their coastal surroundings. The gentle warmth of the Algarve sun casts a shadow on striking architectural lines. Sleek floor to ceiling glass reflects the majestic energy of the sea green coast. The building’s cool undulating silhouettes nod to the gentle slopes of the local hills. Elegant contemporary artwork and rich local handicrafts adorn crisp white walls. Five-star facilities Villas I and II both feature six bedrooms, private gardens, an infinity pool and stunning panoramas of the Algarve coast. Villa I also offers a TV room with computer games as well as a barbecue area, while Villa II boasts a roof garden, as well as a cinema and exercise/games room with Technogym equipment and a pool table. Hotel service, villa privacy For holiday makers looking to get away from it all without negotiating on service, LUX MARE offers luxury hotel style service paired with the privacy of the villa model. A luxury welcome pack of gourmet food and drink items welcomes guests. Discreet daily housekeeping, high-end bathroom amenities and state-of-the-art audiovisual systems heighten the sensation of luxury. Smart home technology means all heating, lights, blinds, and entrance gates can be controlled with a few clicks from tablets strategically positioned around the villas. Discovering the authentic Algarve A deep connection with the Algarve, with its people, nature and spirit lies at the foundation of the LUX MARE villa concept. Its founding couple were adamant that their guests should be able to explore the real Algarve and all the treats it has to offer on a tailor made basis. In-villa services include a personal concierge team available seven days per week. Local professionals who truly understand the region are on call for villa residents looking to discover the authentic Algarve. Vintage wine tastings, cookery masterclasses with expert chefs, horse rides on the beach by sunset are just some of the delights guests might choose to partake in. This exclusive service is led by Destination Algarve, a luxury rental company in the western Algarve with over 15 years experience in the region. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by LUX MARE.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. I think that Lux Mare sounds like a winner of a name as it works on so many levels. The properties are both luxurious and look to be flooded with light. Then you’ve got Mare bringing in the sea element and the great Algarve coastline.

  2. We love the Algarve for a holiday every other summer or so. Sadly the villa that we have stayed in for the last decade is beginning to look a bit neglected and tired. Also it is probably time that we moved on and explored another part of the Algarve. These villas clearly are state of the art in every sense. Would make sense to head West and take a look round new territories.

  3. A lot of the places that I have stayed in along the Algarve have all been a bit too Algarve twee if you get what I mean, all pastel shades, ceramic tiles and traditional fluted chimneys. It’s about time that Algarve architecture had a shot in the arm. Revealing that it was Scandi outsiders, renowned for their design flair and sense of style, who had the vision to produce these slick modern masterpieces. I can see them being the first of many such buildings to find a home on the Algarve coastline.

  4. One of the problems of some old rental properties is that the technology is so old that you just can’t work out how it is supposed to operate. I’ve been in villas where I’ve never got the heating to work. I also stayed one place where the TV had so many cables and remotes that it just stayed blank for two weeks.

    Staying at a brand new well-designed property where everything is operated by just a few simple clicks would be a dream. You don’t want to waste valuable vacation time reading instruction manuals especially if they are in Portuguese.

  5. Nice piece. It even inspired me to do a Google search to investigate further. I found a very classy website for the villas. Loved the line “Because living the dream is possible.”

    I also found some short films, about two minutes long, on You Tube which give you the idea that these are two very special properties.

  6. Thirty years ago it was all a bit chaotic on the Algarve, the most reliable things were the sunshine and the tides. All that has changed. Today the Algarve is a slick world class tourist operation deserving luxury villas like these. They will fit in nicely.

  7. I’ve got tremendous admiration for people who have the vision to look at a location and imagine a completed building in situ. What is even more amazing about this case is that they had a vision for a style of building that was totally alien to everything else around. It takes a lot of courage to go for something that could stick out from the local, natural way of doing things. I feel that these Scandi designs work brilliantly. If only I had that sort of imagination.

  8. I probably shouldn’t be putting this in print but these villas would make such a great destination for Christmas pulling all the family together. I don’t want to start a scramble for these iconic villas for Christmas 2019 but they would be ideal though we are already booked up elsewhere for this Christmas.

    I’ve been to the Algarve for Christmas before. It’s usually not quite bikini weather but you’ll be unlucky if you don’t return with something of a tan after a week there.

    1. I have got a very big birthday celebration coming up next year – don’t even ask – and within two months we are also celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary. I’ve been looking out for a venue where we could get the family together.

      These villas would make for a very special location. The brilliant thing about Portugal is that the weather in May would be just about perfect, plenty of sunshine but not too hot.

    2. @Sally Luckily the pools are heated, so you can still enjoy the beautiful pool, even at Christmas.

      @Maggie Just let us know if we can be of assistance. We have a professional party planner on hand, should you need him.

  9. I like the concept of blending Scandinavian with Portuguese characteristics to create something to luxurious and unique. This couple have created a masterpiece with LUX MARE. The architecture is very chic and contemporary, and I think it makes good use of the space & natural light to give fantastic views. It sounds like they’ve kitted the villas out really well for renters to stay very comfortably. The smart technology is something I think many will find appealing as it’s not just convenient but shows the place is forward thinking. I wonder what the minimum and maximum stays are at the villa? I could imagine staying there very happily for quite some time, and there’s so much to explore and enjoy nearby, too!

  10. My wife always says that she wants to go somewhere better than where we live. Her argument is that the holidays are a chance to live somewhere special every year even if it is just for a week or two.

    As we want to stay somewhere very special we always want to make sure that it truly is a memorable place. I went away and checked out these villas on their website, they really are a step up from our semi-detached 3 bed box in the suburbs. I think my wife might approve of these villas.

  11. Definitely Scandinavian flair. All the streamlining, no hard edges, works really well for me, just sort of relaxes into the landscape. Too be honest we’re so much better at design nowadays. How did we let all those Stalinist Brutalist concrete boxes get built in the 1960s? Whole resorts were built from them though many of those monstrosities are now being replaced as they crumble.

    As to the white colour it fits so well with the bright light of the region and the often patched landscape.

  12. I love Scandinavia, especially their architecture and design. I got back from Sweden about 3 weeks ago from a trip where I had planned to cycle along the coast and take in some of their beaches. The weather wasn’t great as I saw far too much rain so the trip didn’t really go to plan. Scandinavian Design with Algarve weather must be the perfect compromise.

  13. It’s the spacious minimalism that appeals to me. Just for a week or two it would be a luxury to live somewhere with space to move around. Our house is a bit of a museum piece and it’s time for a major revamp. I’m talking about moving out for 4 months whilst the builders gut it and start from scratch so it would be interesting to get some ideas on what sort of smart technology we could wire in to the rebuild.

    1. Hi Brian, Good luck with the renovations! Please do let me know if I can be of assistance. Our systems have proven to be pretty user-friendly and have certainly made a big difference to the day to day living experience. All the best, Sarah

  14. Why stay somewhere ordinary when you can stay somewhere extraordinary? When I was a teenager I wanted to be an architect but it soon became very obvious that I wasn’t going to get the grades to make it.

    Ever since I’ve been in awe of the people who’ve done the hard years to qualify as architects. It must be wonderful to see a space and then fill it with something as beautiful as these villas.

    1. It is pretty cool to think about the architecture that makes a place like this special. The geography defines the architecture here and I can imagine that with just one stay, you won’t want to leave or you’ll at least want to come back, again and again.

    1. Have you visited Portugal before? Lagos is really something else, with a great mixture of historical points of interest and modern day conveniences. Drop us an email Beth, we’d love to welcome you!

  15. These villas are taking things to another level. I just love the designs and I bet that the finish inside is top quality too. Seeing this post is inspirational. Staying here for a week would be like living in the pages of an interior design magazine. What an amazing lifestyle!

  16. The location of the villa gives guests the best of both worlds. The picturesque landscape on one hand and the stunning views of the ocean on the other. I also admire the architecture of the villa because it is simple yet elegant. It does not need a lot of elements to standout because its simplicity blends into the surroundings. But what I love the most is the smart home technology. It really is a villa of the future.

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