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An adventure destination for honeymooners

When thinking about where to go on honeymoon the first places that spring to mind are the famous and traditional ones that are steeped in romance. Such places such as Paris, Venice or Rome. All these cities are tied to the idea of romance, through films, books and our imaginations. All have that old world appeal, with their backgrounds of rich history, art and culture. To the modern newly-weds, that may seem rather old fashioned, as globalization and cheaper international travel has opened up destinations in far-flung corners of the world. The trend nowadays is to choose more exotic locations. Also, the idea of spending a honeymoon on some idyllic beach, in a far-away place, has more appeal than a city bound holiday. ecolodge-in-the-amazon-rainforest-ecuador Honeymoons are special, more so than any other type of holiday, you will remember it always and want to hold on to those memories of when you and your partner were starting out in life together. So, the first thing to consider is what type of honeymoon you wish to have. Solitary and intimate, just for the two of you or something more sociable, where you can get to know others and party with them? It is also important to consider the interests of both parties, whether or not you and your new bride or husband prefer secluded and cosy pursuits over outdoor driven and group activities. For the more adventurous it would be well to ponder the idea of an unforgettable honeymoon in a remote place. A good place to start your research is the Ecuadorian destinations. The main draw to Ecuador are the Galapagos Islands, which have many species that are unknown elsewhere, also on the mainland, the Andean zone offers wonderful landscapes and a spectacular architectural richness, without neglecting the magnificent biodivarsity of the Amazon region. Many ecosystems, cultures and landscapes to discover, all in a small but magical country. Destination-for-Honeymooners Honeymooners that love nature and want an adventurous, but romantic holiday away from the bustling crowds, would do well to consider this as a destination. The Yasuni Biosphere Reserve is just one of many nature reserves in Ecuador. There are others, such as Sumaco Napo-Galeras, Cayambe-Coca and Llanganates and they all run adventure and wildlife trips. Top notch, luxury accommodation, in the form of Eco Lodges, is available within the parks. In all these places it is possible to view all of the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest. You won’t find jaguars or panthers in Paris, caimans in the canals of Venice or exotic birds other than pigeons in Rome. In the other trendy locations, you won’t find any wildlife, except for the human kind. Turn your honeymoon into a new and unforgettable experience, be in harmony with nature and let the romance flow on those hot, humid, jungle nights. couple-of-amazonian-frogs Miguel Andy is General Manager of Napo Wildlife Center. Napo Wildlife Center is an eco-lodge offering unforgettable experiences in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, inside Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, which is managed by the Añangu kichwa aboriginal community. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Miguel Andy

Miguel Andy is the General Manager of the Napo Wildlife Center and the Napo Cultural Center, which are two lodges of the Añangu Kichwa Community. Miguel is a leader and a member of the Añangu people that has committed with the protection of the nature of their ancestral land and their rich culture. All gains the Community receives from the visit of tourists to their luxury ecotourism projects are reinvested in social development. The Community School, the Health Care Center, energy solar panels, a water purification program, a housing project and more are result of this work. Visitors from all around the world enjoy different activities like canoe rides along the creeks, canopy towers climb, kayaking, visiting clay licks, cultural interaction, wildlife sightseeing and more.

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  1. I’ve been surprised by some of my friends honeymoon choices. I never understand why couples who have a sense of adventure and love outdoor activities suddenly change when it comes to their honeymoon. They think that as it’s a honeymoon they have to lie on sun loungers surrounded by rose petals drinking champagne. They would have been much happier if they had just been themselves and followed their normal adventurous selves.

    1. Hello Rose,

      Thank you for participating. I would actually say you found your soul mate if you enjoy experiencing similar things. However, on Napo Wildlife Center, we understand some ingredients are important, so we do offer romantic scenarios and memorable moments too ;)


      Marketing- NWC/NCC

  2. Well, I didn’t see that one coming. Never in a million years would Ecuador have been in my top 50 honeymoon destinations. Having read this persuasive piece, suddenly it makes a lot of sense. Ecuador has got so many advantages as an exciting and romantic destination. If I ever meet Miss Right I’ll bear it in mind.

    1. Hello Fred,

      Thank you very much for participating, you can always come and see it by yourself, not necessarily on honeymoon. A romantic trip maybe?


      Marketing NWC- NCC

  3. Ecuador ticks loads of boxes for me and perhaps more importantly would tick even more boxes for the lady who will be my future wife. She would love all the wild life. It would make for a great start to married life. All we’ve got to do now is the saving up bit. Who knows, some of our wedding guests may chip in?

    1. Hello Will,

      Thank you very much for participating. You can always come before the wedding too, ask for the private Look-Out Tower dinner, a great place to pop up the question….so far guaranteed!!


      Marketing NWC/ NCC

  4. Going somewhere like the Galapagos Islands would certainly be different to the stereotypical type of sunshine & cocktails honeymoon. I really like the idea of exploring a new culture and going somewhere surrounded by nature like that, away from the likes of constant connectivity and shopping, where you can just switch off, so to speak.

    1. Hello Claire,

      Thank you for participating. It is really important what you mention, as re connecting to ourselves and the beloved ones, allow to reboot relationships. And nature helps a lot!


      Marketing- NWC/NCC

  5. There’s a great line in here which says it all. “You won’t find jaguars or panthers in Paris, caimans in the canals of Venice or exotic birds other than pigeons in Rome.” Very persuasive writing, you’ve sold Ecuador as a honeymoon destination to me. In fact, you’ve sold Ecuador to me as a travel destination full-stop!

  6. Take it from me – marriage is one of the greatest adventures out there. And I’ve been on two of those adventures.

    You may as well start of with some adventure on your honeymoon because after that there might be some more unplanned adventures.

    So far the second adventure’s going a lot better than the first. Maybe it’s because I had a better honeymoon second time around. Older, wiser and being richer helped a lot.

    1. Hello Sally,

      Thank you very much for participating. We hope your second adventure brings you to the Añangu Community, to strengthen your beautiful connection.


      Marketing- NWC/NCC

  7. If only we had enjoyed such variety of options in my day.

    From the experience of my children who are now married and have honeymooned I would suggest taking your time with the planning and don’t be afraid to take chances.

    One of my daughters just followed the crowd and headed for an Indian Ocean paradise island. Spending 2 weeks on a beach really wasn’t for her or her husband. They would both have been a lot happier on an adventurous honeymoon like this one.

    For the record my honeymoon was 4 nights in Bournemouth. How times have changed.

    1. Hello Ivor,

      Thank you very much for participating. There are a lot of options nowdays, however we should follow our essence and even more if we can share it our beloved ones. There is a lot of magic going on here, great athmosphere to renew ties too.


      Gabriel Minas Amaya
      Marketing- NWC/NCC

    2. Hello Ivor,

      Thank you for participating. We should follow our hearth at all times, even when it comes to something that is usually called to be experienced on a particular way. Colors and sounds here could mark moments, to be never forgotten, just a great memory to a great start.


      Gabriel Minas Amaya
      Marketing- NWC/NCC

  8. I agree! Ecuador is one of the best places to spend not just your honeymoon, but even your anniversaries or just simply a romantic getaway. Ecuador’s environment is really natural and simple. You can see different types of wildlife and also enjoy the beautiful sceneries that the country has to offer. It also has luxury lodges that could make your stay a little worthwhile. The country also has stunning islands which you can visit and enjoy its crystal clear waters. There are also beautiful rockies such as the Cotopaxi where you can enjoy an adventurous hike with your significant other. Honestly, these are only few of the activities that you can do in Ecuador, you can see more for yourself when you visit it.

    1. Hello Gertrude, thank you very much for your contribution. Was just wondering if you have visited the rain forest. All energy and landscapes are a truly complement to a honey moon or if you just want to renew the energy love.

      Kindest Regards.

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