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5 reasons to take a short break in the UK

Your holiday doesn’t always need to be one or two weeks long. Sometimes, taking the time for a short break can be just what you need to relax, recharge and get away for a little while. Whether it’s a long weekend away or a mid week break; a two, three or four night getaway is the perfect chance to reconnect with loved ones, filling long, lazy days under the gentle glow of the sun or wrapped up in front of a toasty fire, visiting pretty little villages and embracing the great outdoors. So, here’s five reasons to take a short break in the UK if you still need some convincing.. Explore somewhere new It’s always a good time to set off on an adventure to somewhere you’ve never been before. Whether you’re looking for a short break in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Sussex and the Isle of Wight, there’s so much to see and do. Walk the South West Coast Path, explore the local towns and villages, try the local delicacies and get some of that much needed fresh air. Reconnect Life can often leave us with little spare time and it’s easy to feel like ships passing in the night with those closest to you. Pack your bags and head off on a short break adventure – whether you’re out and about exploring or taking the time to just sit back and unwind, a few days away provides you with an opportunity to steal a few moments to make those special memories. Make the most of your weekend Avoid the Sunday evening dread that hits after realizing the weekend’s ended too quickly: make your weekend a long one and return to work on Tuesday morning feeling refreshed and just a little smug that you’ve made the most of the weekend…. Less annual leave required That precious annual leave is not to be used lightly! A short break may only use one or two days but can be just what you need to get a slice of adventure and an escape from the bustle of everyday life. Go any time of year You don’t have to stick to the summertime to enjoy a short break in the UK. Spring, autumn and winter offer plenty of opportunities to explore and make the most of your time away.  Spring brings the promise of longer days, Autumn is a great time to wrap up warm, set off on countryside walks and enjoy seasonal activities such as Bonfire Night and the lead up to Christmas, and Winter brings the opportunity for refreshing beach walks and cosying up in front of the fire with a good book. Simon Tregoning is the Chairman at Classic Cottages. Classic Cottages have an exclusive portfolio of places to stay, handpicked in the best locations from the tip of far west Cornwall across the south of England and over on the Isle of Wight. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Simon Tregoning

Simon Tregoning is the Chairman for Classic Cottages. Classic Cottages has an exclusive portfolio of places to stay, handpicked in the best locations from the tip of far west Cornwall across the south of England and over on the Isle of Wight. Classic Cottages find holiday cottages that make you say wow. From bijou fishermen’s cottages on a harbour’s edge, to sprawling country pads, we’re picky about what we offer so you can be sure you’re always getting the best. Holidays with hot tubs, properties that welcome four-legged friends and homes set up with babies in mind all feature in our eclectic mix of home-from-homes.

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  1. We’ve actually done a few country cottage breaks. If you can get away mid-afternoon Friday and wake up in your cottage on Saturday morning it really does feel like a long weekend. It’s even better if you can get a train on Friday evening and then a taxi from the station to your cottage. Then you can have a drink and a snack and start to unwind on the rain.

    1. Yes, we’ve done the train to the country cottage option. It’s a good break not to have to think about driving or parking for a few days. The first priority is to be within walking distance of a good pub for a few meals out. What we’ve also done is an online shop so that we have groceries delivered to the cottage just in time for breakfast on Saturday morning. Anyway that’s our recipe for a great relaxing British long weekend. Enjoy.

  2. We used to be keen members of the “EasyJet Generation” jetting off all over Europe for weekends. Then we had a very, very delayed flight at the end of a long weekend on a Monday night. It was highly stressful. Left us both exhausted for the weekend. Although we still like our European city breaks we are have some U.K. weekends too. They tend to be a bit more relaxing as there just isn’t the killing time at airports involved. It’s amazing where you can get to if you get out of Manchester early on a Saturday morning and just drive for 2 or 3 hours.

    1. I totally agree, it’s just less hassle in general a lot of the time to take a few days in the UK somewhere, without long trips to the airport, airport parking, waiting around for delayed flights..! I also like to think we’re helping to support our economy and local businesses too.

  3. I could really do with a short break, and I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of weeks but then of course life gets in the way. I imagine all this Brexit stuff is going to impact tourism, making many more inclined to holiday in the UK rather than the EU. I find shorter trips more manageable, not just because of less time away from work but it’s less hassle in general, so you can spend the time relaxing and enjoying, rather than wearing yourself too thin energy wise and financially over a week or two. Even though I’d prefer better weather, you’re right, you can still have a lovely break from the day to day in the winter by snuggling up somewhere and making the most of seasonal events, festivals, markets and such. There’s a lot going on all over now for Halloween and Bonfire Night, so there’s plenty to do if you can book in time as accommodation can get pretty booked up around these times.

  4. I bet that a U.K. break would get the Extinction Rebellion vote. Last year I clocked up 16 flights, what with some business trips, holidays and a few long weekends away in Europe and even North Africa I was just spending too much of my life at airports.

    I made a conscious decision to fly less, partly to save the planet, and partly to save my sanity – there are only so many times that you can walk through Duty Free at 6.00 am and then queue to go through security.

    One thing I’ve been surprised at is how little I knew of my own country. I was delightfully surprised by rural Norfolk and craft industries in Wiltshire.

  5. I recently did a few days around the Cotswolds and even though the weather wasn’t ideal (lots of rain so lots of muddy fields!) it was pretty refreshing. I agree you can make the most of what the UK has to offer year-round. We have to really when our summers are so short and the good weather days are so rare. There are so many places to visit whatever your interests might be and you’re right, it’s a great way to reconnect and make the most of your annual leave or weekend. There’s less involved compared to going abroad too, especially if you’ve only got a couple of days to explore, so I find it less stressful and tiring in general. Staycations shouldn’t be underestimated! :)

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