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How to find a great private jet broker

Thanks to growth in the private jet market it’s now easier than ever to fly to your destination of choice at the time that suits you, and in a modern, private aircraft. Unlike aircraft ownership, or even fractional ownership, today the exciting on-demand charter model is rapidly gaining momentum allowing travelers to be completely flexible and travel in the most cost-effective manner. What makes on-demand different to jet cards and fractional ownership? Traditionally, access to private jets meant purchasing a fractional ownership or share of an aircraft, or a jet card. Each of these options provide an allotted amount of flying time per year. But what if you just need to take one flight or one trip? The on-demand private jet charter market is much more suitable, and you don’t need to buy flights in bulk or commit to expensive ownership schemes. Simply choose your date, your destination and enter your passenger details, then let a private jet broker arrange the best prices for you. Flying with the best aircraft and operators With on-demand private jet travel comes a range of operators located around the globe. This ensures travelers don’t need to wait for a jet to travel a long distance in order to collect them for their flight. Brokers like Monarch Air Group have pre-approved vendors around the world, with over 4,000 aircraft ready to respond to your charter requirements. Each has been pre-approved to ensure the service you require. On board you will enjoy incredible comfort, onboard amenities and luxuries like wi-fi, flight attendant, galley and streaming movies. Safety ratings Flying by private jet may mean avoiding the long TSA lines, but it does not mean a lack of safety. You can be sure that all employees and passengers of private jets are required to comply by the same security and safety rule, and flights are conducted in a safe, secure and ethical manner. What’s more, with the private jet market evolving, aircraft are now more fuel-efficient, quiet and comfortable than ever before. The market is leading the way into electric aircraft research and sustainability, which will become reality in the near future. Is it cheaper than flying commercially? On-demand private jet travel can not compete with airline pricing, but your experience will be on another level in terms of quality, convenience and luxury. Private charters ensure a much more streamlined approach to travel, flying to your schedule, and to your destination of choice – even if it is remote. You’ll avoid busy terminals and the stress that comes with airline travel, all the while enjoying a customized onboard experience tailored to your business or leisure needs. Your method of travel will be an efficient aircraft with luxury interior, and privacy that is superior even to first class commercial cabins. How to organize your private jet flight Because of its efficiency and flexibility, it is now easier than ever to take advantage of on-demand private jet travel. Thanks to its cost-effective nature and the ease of booking, it is finding new audiences with small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies and individuals seeking a special way to reach their destination. Leading private jet broker Monarch Air Group makes it easy for you to find an instant price estimate for your trip. By inputting your departure, destination, dates, times and number of passenger requirements into their simple online tool, you will be given a range of choices by price and aircraft size to suit your needs. Whether it’s a business trip or romantic getaway, Monarch will find the perfect aircraft to suit your budget, itinerary and demands. The future of private jet travel On-demand charter is recognized as the next trend in private jet travel and is gaining momentum fast. What’s more, it is a market determined to become “green” and sustainable. That’s why so many travelers are making the switch to enjoy total freedom and bespoke travel plans using private jet brokers like Monarch Air Group to organize their flights. Founded in 2006, Monarch Air Group is a private jet and leading on-demand air charter provider based at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Through reciprocal agreements with operators, it is able to provide private aircraft and countless destinations around the world. The advantages of Monarch Air Group Monarch Air Group’s experience in the on-demand private jet market is second to none. Since 2006 Monarch has been a leading provider of private jet travel to discerning travelers who value the knowledge and customer service they are able to bring. In this emerging market, it’s important to choose the provider who has the experience necessary to turn your trip into a reality. That’s why Monarch is the go-to provider of on-demand private jet travel, trusted by thousands of loyal customers. With fast response times and a worldwide network of aircraft operators, they will get you swiftly to your destination. All you need to do is sit back and relax, knowing you are in safe hands with Monarch’s passionate and highly trained personnel. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Monarch Air Group.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. After a very busy week and a late Friday night finish to business. I’m up ridiculously early heading for an overcrowded commercial flight home to finally get back to see the wife and family. At times like this, on demand private jet travel certainly makes a lot of sense. A late private flight last night would have had me home in time to wake up in my own bed for the weekend. You can’t put a price on luxuries like that.

  2. If my diary for next week is typical of the forthcoming months then I will be travelling more and more. A lot of my time is wasted hanging about at airports. It is high time that our Business Travel department investigated a private jet broker.

  3. Woahhh! A private jet: this sounds like a dream come true. Hope it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg :p
    Basically, I have this huge friend circle and we are planning for vacations very soon. So, can someone tell that up to how many passengers can the jet accommodate at a time?

    1. Basically Private Jets come in different sizes. So, some jets are as small as for 6 people, while the typical medium ones have a capacity of up to 8 passengers and then, the largest ones have room for a maximum of 18 travellers.

  4. After our two hyper-active twinnies, we always dread the option of travelling in an aircraft since our first born had always given us a tough time at the airport as well as the flight. With his endless tantrums and non-stop mischief, the journey always turn out to be quite excruciatingly painful not only for us but also for the other passengers on-board (Not to mention, how embarrassing it felt, to be a source of discomfort particularly for the elderly travellers). However, with the introduction of private jets it has become much more easier. Now my wife can conveniently travel alone with the kids and visit her parents whenever the need be. Would highly recommend to all the parents of crazy toddlers out there.

  5. Travelling in your own jet seriously sounds crazy. For my next romantic getaway with my wife, would surely dwell further into the options. Just wondering about the pricing policy followed by the private jet charters. Do they charge for the entire jet (regardless of the number of passengers) or is there a ticket cost for each passenger?

    1. Well that’s very subjective. More or less, all private jet charter companies follow different pricing policies. Some charge on an hourly basis per passenger, while there are others who give clients an estimate according to the distance travelled. And then, if you wish to book an entire jet for your family or employers then the cost will be based according to the size of the jet (whether it’s a small one, mid-size, a super mid-size or a large one). So yeah, there isn’t any hard and fast rule.
      I guess, the best way to evaluate your fare is to look into the pricing policy of the charter or the airline you are considering travelling with.

  6. It’s not always about getting to work.

    Once I used a private jet to get home for the weekend to celebrate a wedding anniversary and save my marriage!

  7. I can soo relate to what you have said. Our two toddlers also always make sure to keep us at our toes throughout the flight. At times during one of those terrible episodes, me and my husband are requested by the crew to sit separately at opposite ends of the aircraft. So, yeah! You can very well imagine the scenario!
    I am just curious to know that is it feasible to cover long distances in a luxury private jet?

    1. As Tim mentioned earlier, private jets come in different sizes. The small ones are capable of travelling around 1500 miles in one go, then the mid-size ones are ideal for inter-continental flights and then, finally the largest ones can take you across the Oceans, as far as 4000 miles. Since, their fueling capacity is less as compare to the commercial airlines, the engine needs to get refueled if you wish to cover large distances even in the smaller ones.

  8. I imagine the private jet arena may take a bit of a knocking with the eco conscious aspects, but you can’t deny it’s the way to go if you can afford to in terms of lower stress, better quality, more reliability, better convenience. I think having a trustworthy company like Monarch Air is so important these days too as it’s worrying with Thomas Cook among others.

    1. And modern private jets are so much more environmentally friendly than they used to be. Pretty soon they’ll be using biofuel, and eventually electricity to fly.

  9. It’s so much more convenient to have bespoke travel plans, and a flying experience that doesn’t involve crowds, long security lines and the stress of delays. You often get to fly out of small private terminals and the staff on these private jets are just great!

  10. That’s a good point that the private jet would be able to take you to much more remote locations. I am thinking about taking a trip with my dad to go fishing up in a pretty remote area, and it would be nice to top have to drive all the way there. I’ll have to consider getting a private plane to take us there if we decide to go.

  11. I like your line here “experience will be on another level in terms of quality, convenience, and luxury”. When it comes to flexibility, convenience, safety, and high-quality experience, flying with a private jet is the best choice. At this time of the pandemic, for me, it’s best and safe to choose private plane compared to commercial.

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