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The most luxurious way to discover Mallorca is on a gastronomy cycling tour

The Spanish Island of Mallorca offers the most beautiful and varied sights. Known for its dreamy beaches and incredible scenic mountain passes and charming villages. Stay at one of the nicest beach towns and you will have a good time. Add in the lesser known routes and visit the incredible mountain passes and winding roads and little known towns which are best done on a bike and now you have set yourself up for the trip of a lifetime. Sprinkle on the best restaurants and charming villages and you have now set yourself up for the trip of a lifetime. Professional cyclists have secretly trained on the island for years for all these reasons. You don’t need to be a professional cyclist to know where to find the best rides. Here is our perfect trip for the best Mallorca has to offer. First off, some riding experience is necessary. You don’t need to be a pro rider but having the basic safety and understanding of biking on roads is a must. Better yet hiring a professional guide and a support vehicle is best. Second, you will need to rent a serious road bike or ebike. Day 1: Cap De Formentor/Port De Pollensa Set your sights on the jaw dropping Cap De Formentor, it is here along its winding climbing roads that you will begin to form a picture of the experiences that lay ahead of you. But there will be little time for such contemplation as up, up, up, you’ll go to its peak before that sweet decent under Spanish clear as crystal skies and a sea of a thousand blues. Down through the rolling decent in between your two full service support vans the road will bring you into the Port De Pollensa where a stop at a seaside restaurant will cap of a great day.A sight to be seen. Next its back on the bike for some climbing to work up an appetite. Ride up Sa Callobra and make the turn to Es Vergeret where you will have lunch at a magical cliffside restaurant with views of the the mountains and the sea side below. Back into the car or for the reallhy strong climb all the way back up to the top if your wine and mariscada permits. We recommend driving back and having a well earned massage. Day 2: Sa Callobra/Cala Tuent Our start point for today is the Sanctuary de Lluc a pillar of Mallorquin heritage, stunning 13th century stone work and dazzling mosaics set the stage for the first stop on the ride. Pedaling off from Santuari de Lluc we will lean back in the saddle down the breezy blue sky decent of Sa Calobra, taking it nice an easy through the hairpins following Joel all the way to the monumental sea side chasm that enclaves the Torrent de Pareis beach. After a moment to take it all in at the beach its back in the saddle with your handle bars framing the sight of the Cala Tuent climb overlooking the meeting point of the wild and willful sea and the unrelenting Mallorca stone cliffsides, the final stretch, before taking our lunch break at a Mallorca sea cliff restaurant in the town of Cala Tuent. Day 3: Coll de Soller/Port De Soller/Valledemossa Today is a climb day. Up the switch back roads of Coll de Soller until the peak. Stay focused and stay on the climb for the prize is at the top and on the other side, the Port de Soller will be your point of refuge for the morning. After a short break its back on the bike and through Spanish mountain villages gliding down hill all the way to Valldemossa following the scenic roads of the Serra Trumantana and then its time for another great meal at an acclaimed restaurant. Day 4: Banyalbufar/Puigpunyent/Galilea Today its charming village as you go through the villages of Bunyalbufar to Puigpunyent and onward towards Galilea. The striking scenery of private wineries and tight snaking switch backs will take you through some charming towns and hidden historic churches as you take the time to stop and try local food markets and discover the more hidden parts of the island. Day 5: Banyalbufar/Port d’Andratx Start at Banyalbufar where you will ride along the roads of Serra de Tramuntana in a day full of sea breeze and wind in your face taking you down to Port d’Andratx. Along the route you will make some stops to take in the cliffside views that were given status as a World Heritage UNESCO sight. Lunch in Port D’Andratx at a carefully selected port side seafood restaurant. The most luxurious and exciting itinerary is one that combines the best ride routes with the best restaurants to fuel the body and soul. The best time to go April, May and early June and Late September and October. Joel Bertet is Co-Founder of Mallorca Luxury Cycling. Mallorca Luxury Cycling hosts luxury cycling travel exclusively in Mallorca, Spain, that is heavy on the luxury and gastronomy and light on the bike. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Mallorca is well worth a visit, and I’d highly rate Port de Soller, very relaxed and gorgeous scenery. Then again, you can’t go far wrong in Mallorca. I hadn’t thought of doing a cycling tour though there are a fair few cyclists around. Can you hire on a daily basis? I’d love to go back one day in the not too distant future but I don’t think I’d be up for a week of cycling, as appealing as it may be I don’t think I’m fit enough for it. A day of cycling I could definitely go for. You’ve listed some great suggestions to make the most of plenty of scenic routes.

    1. Nic, thanks for your insightful comment. We understand that not everyone is a pro cyclist or even a weekend warrior. The focus of our review is on the beauty of the island much of which is best experienced on a bike. That said if cycling is not your strength hire an Ebike. That will allow you to enjoy the great rides and scenery and not worry about the pedaling. Most of the rides described can be completed before lunch. The idea is to have a beautiful visit and then enjoy a great lunch afterwards. Check out our website for more details and feel free to shoot me a direct email. I’d be happy to recommend further tips. Regards. Joel Bertet

  2. If you love cycling, love good food and love the Med lifestyle then this has got to be for you. Heaven on Earth for me.

    1. Leo, I agree with you heaven on earth. Seeing it on a bike makes it even more enjoyable and you really feel like you earned that great bottle of wine to accompany your Mariscada Seafood extravaganza.

  3. I really enjoyed thinking about bicycling around Mallorca. My dad is an avid bicyclist and I think this would be right up his alley. And especially with all the food and wine to wash it all down, this is something I think he would really enjoy. I’ll have to share this post with him. I know he’ll be in Italy this year around September, so who knows! Maybe we’ll be able to check out Mallorca too.

  4. David
    We offer the best trip available in Mallorca. Feel free to check us out. Mallorcaluxurycycling. We host our trips in October and April. And feel free to ask questions or advise we love talking about Mallorca especially from the saddle of a Pinarello Road bike

  5. What I like most about this is that the adventure is clearly intended for real cyclists who are going to put some thought and effort into it. Too many “adventures” just involve some token half hours of cycling, kayaking, walking etc. If it’s going to be worth doing then it is worth hiring a proper bike and putting in the time to see the best of this spectacularly beautiful island. Then you’ll really deserve your reward of awesome food.

  6. Andy,

    Your comment is right on! We made the trip so that a certain amount of riding is required. But we like to say we are heavy on luxury not so heavy on the bike although it’s around 3 hours per day on the bike plus we have ebikes for those that are feeling tired from too much food and wine the day before. Thanks!

  7. Not a professional cyclist but I do enjoy recreational cycling around neighborhoods and parks where I live. And Mallorca is such a scenic destination I would be surprised if casual riders like me won’t also enjoy thes places on this wonderful list. And since it’s also a gastronomy tour, it definitely sounds more and more enticing to me. Along with many historic quaint town and shops that I can walk through while resting from all the cycling, Mallorca is a must visit.

  8. Hard to decide whether this is one for the freshness of spring, before the heat, or one for the colours of autumn. Whatever it would be great.

  9. I’ve always had a tendency to put weight on far too easily. Consequently I’d get anxious about any holiday with the word “gastronomy” in the title. I’d be hoping that I could burn off loads of calories with all the cycling.

    1. It’s all about timing the carb intake. While exercising/ riding it’s time to eat the sweets. Outside of riding it’s best to go easier on carbs. This way you really satisfy the cravings. Seafood will keep the weight at bay

  10. I always feel that enjoying a glass or two carefully matched local wines is an essential part of any gastronomy event. Although so form there is the elephant in the room of drinking and driving. Getting around by bike tales away the pressure of having to keep a close eye on your alcohol intake. Then again, you’ve still got to ride that bike in a straight line!

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