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Oceanfront in Cape Town

There is no denying that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In no small part thanks to her position, languishing on the shores of the southern Atlantic. From the heart of the city to the far reaches of the Cape Peninsula rugged mountain backdrops are hemmed in by the wild ocean. Surprisingly, for a city so bound to the sea, there are very few truly oceanfront properties, here are three of our favourites, offering a range to suit all tastes. Radisson Blu Waterfront – Urban ocean This is the place for those that want to be in the heart of the action and not compromise on the ocean front location. The excellent Radisson Blu Waterfront Cape Town is built right on the ocean’s edge, yet just a short stroll from hustle and bustle of the V&A Waterfront. After a morning exploring the sights of the city return to the sanctuary of the hotel, spread out your towel on a lounger and you are suddenly in another world. As you soak up the African sun, the sound of sea gulls intermittently interrupts the mesmerising rhythm of the waves gently breaking just feet away. As you slide into the rim-flow pool to cool off the boundaries between pool and ocean blur and there is just blue as far as the eye can see. Later, as the sun begins to dip, the terrace fills with guests and Capetonians alike enjoying sundowner drinks to celebrate the end of another beautiful day. For guests staying in the hotel’s premium balcony rooms, junior suites and two-bedroom suites the ocean vibe continues even in your room. The large airy rooms with separate lounge areas have following sleek lines and are furnished in muted shades of blue and white and balconies that offer uninterrupted ocean views lending. Standing here could be forgiven for thinking you were in a beachfront resort and not a city hotel. All of this is backed up by Radisson’s famous 100% guest satisfaction guarantee, meaning a memorable stay is waiting for those choosing this hotel. Tintswalo Atlantic – Paradise found If being in the heart of things isn’t your style head out of town a little along the enchanting Atlantic coastline to the seaside enclave of Hout Bay. Here, huddled amongst the rocks at the foot of Chapaman’s Peak Drive you will find the outstanding Tintswalo Atlantic. 11 individually appointed suites (including one opulent 2-bedroom suite), each offering a subtle nod to one of the world’s great islands, offer a retreat like no other. At Tintswalo Atlantic sheer opulence meets barefoot escapism. The calm waters of the bay lap virtually at your front door and transport you to a place so much further away. Sit on the shaded deck, gazing out across the bay to the towering Sentinel Rock that stands guard against the raging ocean beyond. You may even be lucky enough to see southern right whales right there in front of you. These ocean leviathans seek refuge in the calm waters of the bay from July to October each year. Whether your personal taste leans more to the deep blues and whites of reminiscent of Greek islands in the Ithaca Island suite or the African earth tones of the Lamu Island suite one thing remains constant, views. Every suite offers majestic views out to the waters of Hout Bay and beyond to the Atlantic Ocean. Sumptuous interiors are simply the cherry on the top. Even such an enchanting setting has to have one drawback and that is the life-rich waters of the bay are a little chilly for swimming. Do not fear though, the lodge’s oceanfront heated pool allows you to feel like you are swimming in the ocean, without the chill. All the excitement of the city is just a short 20-25-minute drive away. Nip over Constania Nek and you are in the beautiful Constantia wine region or continue your journey along the spectacular Chapman’s Peak Drive to head to the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. One thing is for sure, you will always look forward to returning to Tintswalo Atlantic after a day exploring. The Last Word Long Beach – Paradise undiscovered For some though, there is a need to feel the soft sand between their toes before they truly feel they are at the sea. For those people The Last Word Long Beach is the answer. Here 8km of pristine beach lie at your doorstep, with arguably some of the best beach views you will find in the whole area. This is an intimate property, offering just 6 rooms and suites, every one with sea views and private patio. An exquisitely kept terrace is the perfect al fresco dining spot before cooling off in the pool and from there it is just a short amble down the path that leads directly onto Long Beach.  Gently curving stretches of white sand seem to go on forever, and beyond, blue seas, rugged mountains and glorious sunshine. The rooms are sheer classic beach chic – marble, cottons and white linens with pops of pastel blues and greens bringing the outside in. Complimentary in room mini-bars and snacks just give you another reason not to leave your havens. for those who do venture out, the resident bar keeps the supply of complimentary beverages flowing! Did we mention the delectable three course seafood dinners that are also included? Located in the sleepy village of Kommetjie (pronounced “Comm-Eh-Key”) The Last Word Long Beach is perfectly located to explore the wild coastal region of the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point as well as the most historic wine region in the country. The city of Cape Town itself is about an hour’s drive, but the route to get there and back is so impressive you’ll hardly notice the time. Warwick Blow is Owner of Safari In Style. Safari In Style uses more than 50 years of personal experience to create tailor-made unique journeys through Africa’s finest safari destinations. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Warwick Blow

Warwick Blow is the Owner and Founder of Safari In Style. He has more than 25 years’ experience in African travel, with 20 years spent based in Africa running one of the region’s most successful tour operators. Now based in the UK, Warwick launched Safari In Style to serve clients from across the world who want to experience the wonders of Africa. Crafting unique journeys from the rolling plains of the Serengeti to the bright lights of Cape Town and everywhere in between. He has a particular passion for getting off the beaten track and places that offer unique experiences that will be remembered forever.

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  1. Oceanfront in Cape Town. Four absolutely magical words. That’s where we had been planning to be for Easter. Then I saw the film from Wuhan, heard about the statistics and wisely held back on booking a property and flights. But I’ve still got a very strong desire to get back to Cape Town – great food, fantastic value wine, loads of culture and breathtaking ocean views.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jean – good decision to hold back, but really hope that it won’t be too long before you will be able to return to the beautiful Cape Town, it really is a special place.

      If we can ever help you with your planning please let us know – http://www.safariinstyle.com



    2. Earlier in the year I also had family who’d planned to travel — to Italy. And I didn’t believe back then that things would get so bad that they’d have to do that, they’d booked for September. And I was shocked when they canceled their trip. But now it’s clear that that was the right idea. So good on you for playing it safe, I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision.

  2. I really can see myself on that sun-lounger at The Last Word, the one shown in the picture, or walking along those 8km of pristine beach.

    1. Hi Fiona,

      Right with you on that one – sun lounger, white sand and blue skies…..soon again hopefully!



  3. It would be hard to make the choice between these Oceanfront properties. They’ve each got their own charms and advantages.

    Maybe over a week or perhaps 10 days it might be a good idea to stay at a couple of these places. You’d get a variety of facilities and food too. That could be a perfect compromise to avoid some tough decisions!

    1. Hi Janet,

      Now that would be a great choice to spend a few days at the Radisson and explore the city and areas like Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. Then head out to Tintswalo or Long Beach and spend time there exploring the southern peninsula and just taking time to relax and enjoy the incredible properties!

      If you ever need help planning a trip to South Africa feel free to reach out to us – http://www.safariinstyle.com

      Hope you have a great weekend.


  4. I see Radisson Blu cropping up in a lot of places but I didn’t know they had a hotel in Cape Town. Sounds like they did well with the location there. I really like waterfront stays, there’s something very refreshing about looking out over the ocean and breathing in the salty air. There are some lovely places to choose from. I find the idea of the Tinswalo Paradise Found quite appealing with the almost shabby chic interior and the more hidden away location. Sounds like a slice of paradise right there.

    1. Hi Jen

      Thanks so much for the comment. Radisson Blu Waterfront in Cape Town is definitely one of the more established hotels in the city, and really offers a great balance between city centre location yet feeling like you are away from it all. Tintswalo Atlantic…well, that is altogether just a wonderful escape!

      Hope you get to experience one or both of them some day!



    2. I had the same reaction about the Radisson Blu hotel. Seems like a prime location. I also really like the style of the room there, very simple with plenty of good lightning. Looks very laidback and relaxing! Man, I’d love to spend a week or two there and just enjoy being in Cape Town. I’ve dreamed about going there for a long time. And South African people seem so nice too!

    3. Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the comment – am with you there – would love to be spending a couple of weeks there! Great thing about longer stays is that you get to experience all the highlights but also have time just to kick back and enjoy the facilities as well.

      Thanks for the comment on South Africa people :)

      Kind regards,


  5. Wow, Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel looks fantastic. I wouldn’t have guessed it to be a city hotel either with that gorgeous beach scene. You get to enjoy two worlds, the relaxing resort and beach vibe and the convenience of living in the city. It couldn’t have been hard to market this fantastic location. There are very places in the world I can think of that has this kind of advantage. Plus, you get to enjoy the deluxe services and amenities of a Radisson hotel. The accommodation sounds amazing as well with breathtaking scenery right from your window.

    1. Hi Salvador,

      Thanks so much for your comment – and yes, just an amazing location and wonderful hotel. Their standard rooms are very nice, like a typical good quality hotel, and many have views out towards the city and neighbouring park area, but the real magic happens when you take their premium rooms and are suddenly transported to another world. Cape Town is blessed with many amazing hotels, but the Radisson Blu Waterfront is always up there in our favourites.



  6. Hello
    How soon do you think it would be possible to book a trip to Cape Town?
    I would like to stay at the Waterfront , my late husband was from Krugerstorf , I have been planning to take part of his ashes to SA for some time and I am very interested in booking a trip .

    1. Dear Peggy

      Thank you for your message. I believe that I was in touch with your daughter over the weekend, and advised her that we will keep you updated to the situation in South Africa. At this stage the government has indicated that they expect international borders to be open again in January. However, the tourism lobby group is pushing for borders to open soon, and many hope that possibly by December.

      Please send me an email to info@safariinstyle.com so that I have your details and can keep you updated.

      Kind regards,


  7. I really like how there are different options listed here. As a traveler, I’ve learned that where you stay has a huge impact on the kind of experience you have. Personally, I like being in the center of everything. But I can also see the appeal of having some distance between you and the center of town. Two totally different experiences, in my opinion.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Thanks so much for the comment – agree with you completely, you do get such different experiences depending on where you stay. I personally am not 100% sure which I would choose – ideally probably a combination of at least 2 for the full experience :)



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