Top 7 waterfalls of India

People associate India with Taj Mahal, Ganges, wildlife and food but very few know that India has some of the most spectacular waterfalls. These waterfalls complement the diverse flora and fauna of the country. Seeing the water gushing down into the valley and lush jungles of India is truly a magnificent sight. Nature and adventure enthusiasts can combine travel to the prominent sites of India with a visit to any of these scenic waterfalls.

Shivanasamudra Falls

Located in the state of Karnataka and approximately 130 km from Bangalore, Shivanasamudra Waterfall is easily accessible by road. The drive from Bangalore is in itself scenic with mountain views and greenery on both sides of the road. The waterfall is situated along the river Kaveri and the river splits and falls in two separate places – Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. The fall offers a captivating view and has an average width of 305 meters (1,001 ft), a height of 98 meters (322 ft).

The best time to visit is from September to January. The waterfall is in its full glory in the monsoon season (July to September). You can enjoy boating in the small circular boats (called coracles) that takes you near the stunning waterfall. The gushing river flowing down the rocky cliff is a treat to your eyes. 

Dudhsagar Falls

With a height of 320 meters (1017 feet) and an average width of 30 meters (100 feet), Dudhsagar Waterfall is situated in Goa and is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. The majestic cascade of white water, Dudhsagar waterfall is also known as the Sea of Milk. The waterfall is approximately 70 km drive from Goa Airport.

Trekkers have a good option to trek here. On reaching the entry gate, one has to book a separate jeep (shared or private), that will take you further to the falls. The waterfall is a four-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi river and you will be mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the falls and its natural surroundings. Dudhsagar waterfall paved its way to limelight when a Bollywood movie “Chennai Express” starring Shah Rukh Khan was shot here. The best time to visit October to January.

Athirapally Falls

Athirapally waterfall is located on the Chalakudy river in Thrissur district of Kerala. It is one of the most picturesque places in South India. Approximately 38 km from Cochin Airport, Athirapally is the largest waterfall of Kerala. During the monsoon (June to August), the drive to Athirapally with lush greenery around is a pleasing experience. Once you get your entry ticket, walk through the woods, enjoy the nature and reach the waterfall.

The fall is gigantic with a height of 25 meters (82 ft) and a width of 100 meters (330 ft). This waterfall gained more popularity when the famous movie “Bahubali” and Bollywood movie “Guru” where the song “Barso Re Megha Megha” featuring Aishwarya Rai Bachhan was shot here. Athirapally waterfall never dries out but the best time to visit is from September to January. So get on your shoes, walk down the forest way and enjoy the scenic waterfall.

Chitrakote Falls

Asia’s widest and India’s largest waterfall, Chitrakote waterfall is also called as “the Niagara Falls of India”. Located in the Indian state of Chattisgarh, the waterfall originates from the Indravati river in the Bastar district. You can also visit the ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is situated near the waterfall.

During your visit to the falls, you will come across several stalls where the locals sell handmade artistic items called Bastar Art. Chitrakote waterfall is at a height of 29 meters (95 feet) and nearly 300 meters (980 feet) in width. The natural beauty of the waterfall is enhanced by the dense jungles surrounding it. One can also climb down a flight of stairs and take a boat ride at the bottom of the waterfall. The view from here is truly breathtaking and scenic. The best time to visit is from July to October. During winter, the climate is pleasant and water is milky white.

Nohkalikai Waterfalls

The pride of the state of Meghalaya and the fourth highest waterfalls in the world, Nohkalikai Waterfall is approximately 05 km from Cherapunjee – one of the wettest places on earth. Nohkalikai waterfall is the highest plunge waterfall in India with a height of 340 meters (1120 feet) and a width of 23 meters (75 feet) located in the evergreen rainforest of the Khasi Hill. Noh Ka Likai means “the leap of Likai”.

There is a sad story associated with this place. Legends say that a young mother named Ka Likai had thrown herself over the precipice adjoining the waterfall, in the grief of her daughter (from an earlier marriage) being killed by her new husband. Thus, the fall has ever since been known as Nohlakikai. The waterfall is extremely beautiful in monsoon when the water comes down directly into the pool formed under, making it even more mesmerizing. Thus the ideal time to visit is monsoon when the falls are in full form. You can also find stairs, which will take you down to various other viewing points. One can shop for some amazing souvenirs at the local stalls around. Get a delightful view of the grand waterfall on your tour. 

Jog Falls

Located in the dense evergreen forest of Shimoga district in Karnataka, Jog fall is second-tallest waterfall in India. The nearest international airport is Mangalore and the nearest domestic airport is Hubli. Jog falls is also called as Gerosappa Falls or the Joga Falls. During monsoon, the water level increases giving a majestic look to the falls with rainbows seen now and then.

The height of the falls is 253 meters (830 feet) and width is 472 meters (1,549 feet). The waterfall drops directly and does not stream on to the rocks. The best time to visit is August to December as this time is also considered to be the season of the best flow. One of the largest hydroelectric stations in India is also operational here.

Mallalli Waterfalls

The stunning milky-white waters hitting against the rugged rocks, Mallalli Falls are located in the western ghats at the foot of Pushpagiri Hill Ranges of Coorg district. The falls originate from River Kumaradhara over 200 feet in two steps. From Mallalli falls the river goes on to and merges with the Netravati River and later meets the Arabian Sea at Mangalore. You will experience the lush green mountains and steep valleys. Trekkers also have the option to trek around the lovely hills of Mallalli falls.

The best time to visit is between July to December when the water level is higher. The nearest international airport is Mangalore and the closets domestic airport is Mysuru.

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Comments (17)

  1. Kimberley says:

    These all look incredible. I can’t believe I’ve never been to a single waterfall in my entire life. I need to get out more! The split waterfall in Goa with four streams, Dudhsagar Falls, seems to have a viaduct in front of it. It’s hard to tell from the photo but is it actually a working railway line? That would be amazing to cross right in front of it like that. And the Nohkalikai Waterfalls are stunning. Such a lush green area, though a very sad tale about the woman throwing herself over the edge. I wonder whether there are any rumours of hauntings around the area? I know this sounds pretty ignorant but I actually had no idea India had so many waterfalls, it’s pretty eye opening to see so many incredible ones her. The biggies in the world, the Niagara Falls and such, are so well known and yet there are many like these that are equally stunning and deserve more recognition.

    • Jay Kajaria says:

      Dear Kimberley

      Thank you for your comment!

      There is an operational railway line going right in front of the Dushsagar falls. Konkan railways in western India has many important trains passing through this section. Many Bollywood movies have been shot in this location – the most recent being Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express. One can hike to this spot and experience the beautiful view of the falls.. Regarding Nohkalikai Waterfall, the sad story is a legend and there have been no haunted stories post that. It is a very beautiful place to see in Meghalaya..

      India has many great waterfalls and we are glad to know that you became aware of these through the post. We shall share more such interesting posts in the future so that you get to know more facts about India and the sub-continent..

      Please stay safe and healthy


  2. Sharon says:

    Like most people I never know that India had waterfalls like these. And I’ve been to India a lot and hadn’t heard about any of them. Next time I’ll make sure that I put some of them into my schedule. They look spectacular.

    • Jay Kajaria says:

      Dear Sharon

      Thank you for your comment.

      You can add these beautiful locations to your itinerary in your next trip to India. Please do plan your travel for the months of Sep-Jan when these falls are in full force.

      Please stay safe and healthy


  3. Rob says:

    Waterfalls make sense when you think it through. After those torrential monsoon rains the water has got to go somewhere.

    • Jay Kajaria says:

      Dear Rob

      Thank you for your reply.

      You are right, India receives good amount of rains in Monsoon season (Jun-Sep). This large amount of water in the hills, comes down to plains and finally meets the sea. Along the process, we get to see these beautiful waterfalls..


  4. I have visited all the 7 Waterfalls. But according to me the cleanest and the most beautiful one is Mallalli Waterfalls. I have clicked many photos there and all are just amazing. Your article reminded me of those days. Thanks Jay.

    • Jay Kajaria says:

      Dear Loreal


      You are really fortunate to see all the falls listed by us. Not many get this privilege as these are scattered across India. We are glad to know that our post made you nostalgic and reminded you of the days when you visited these falls. Mallalli is indeed a very clean and pristine waterfall..


  5. Lilly-Mae Rubio says:

    Well, if I was going to India before this article, I wouldn’t have thought of visiting a waterfall. You are right that the country is not very well known for its waterfalls. It’s good to read something new to see in India aside from the Taj Mahal and temples. Though, I wonder if monsoon season is really the best time to visit anywhere even it is good for hiking to see waterfalls.

  6. Jay Kajaria says:

    Dear Lilly-Mae Rubio


    India has indeed so many things to see and do beyond Taj Mahal. As rightly mentioned by you, monsoon season (Jul-Sep) is not the best season to travel to India considering the rains. Having said this, some travellers who wish to enjoy the nature, rains and best prices come during this period. We recommend to travel between end of September and January. This is a period when the weather is good and waterfalls too are in good form.


  7. M. Harper says:

    Wow, what a sight to behold! I did not know waterfalls exist in India and how wonderful they truly are. Looking at the pictures, I was awed by the majestic beauty of Shivanasamudra Falls. I am not brave enough to ride a boat but I would love to feel the breeze while enjoying the view from somewhere safe. I can’t wait to take off again and visit the world.

    • Jay Kajaria says:

      Dear M Harper


      Sivanasamudra is a beautiful waterfall in Karnataka. Please do come to India and experience all the wonderful falls. The breeze, views and approach to many of these falls is truly breathtaking..


  8. Della Robinson says:

    To be frank, I’ve kinda known that India has these beautiful and stunning wonders of nature and I think the reason why most people would associate India with the famous Taj Mahal, Bollywood, and the other things we see on national television or in movies is that they are the only ones that are filmed and shown in the media. If you’ve watched some Bollywood films, you’ll see the different kinds of amazing places that India has to offer. Take the movie ‘3 idiots’ as an example, if you watch closely, it highlights a different part of India where you would see the big, jaw-dropping mountains that has roads built on the side of it. India has an amazing set of sceneries, most of them are not much known from the world.

    • Jay Kajaria says:

      Dear Della,


      As rightly mentioned by you, there are many places worth exploring in India including these falls. Most of these places are not known to many as they are not promoted by media. 3 Idiots movie had wonderful Ladakh and Himachal region filmed in a beautiful way. After the movie was released, many people visited the Pangong lake and beautiful mountains of Ladakh… It has gained a lot of popularity now.


  9. Jalpa subedi says:

    We already know that India is a beautiful country and places like this add more beauty to our country. You have covered almost all the best and beautiful waterfalls in India. I will definitely try to visit all of them soon. Thanks

    • Jay Kajaria says:

      Dear Jalpa,

      Thank you for your reply.

      Glad to know that you liked the waterfall destinations in India shared by us. You should surely plan to visit these places post the pandemic.

      Stay safe and healthy.


  10. Jeff Gover says:

    I never think of waterfalls when thinking of India – this has been a revelation as I didn’t know most of these places. Thank you, Jay!

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