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COVID-19 coronavirus travel insurance: UK providers that offer cover

Choosing the right travel insurance policy for you was difficult enough in pre-pandemic times. With the COVID-19 coronavirus, there’s now an added layer of complexity. Here we highlight a number of UK travel insurance providers that offer some degree of cover for coronavirus. None of the policies listed below constitute recommendations – they are just listed for informational purposes. It is up to you to decide which is the right policy for you. Considerations that we suggest you bear in mind include what would happen if you should need treatment for coronavirus when travelling, what would happen if you need to cancel because of a positive test or you are instructed to self-isolate, or what would happen if you have to cancel due to government advice. No single policy is likely to cover you for the full range of coronavirus-incidents and we suggest that, with any of these policies, you read the smallprint very closely indeed to ensure that you’re receiving the cover that’s right for you. Allianz Assistance At Allianz Assistance, they understand the importance of feeling completely safe and at ease when you travel. That’s why they’ve worked during the pandemic to make some changes to their travel insurance products, giving you access to better pandemic and epidemic protection, including some cover for Coronavirus-related claims. Their new policy provides cover for the following:
If you contract an epidemic or pandemic disease or are subject to compulsory quarantine whilst on your trip If you need to cancel your trip If you need to take care of or be with a loved-one If you are denied boarding
For full details, visit https://www.allianz-assistance.co.uk/ battleface battleface is offering travel insurance which includes cover for medical expenses caused by or resulting from COVID-19. Claims will be paid for medical expenses up to the amount shown in your schedule of benefits and subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. The new COVID-19 cover is available on all policies purchased from 17th July 2020 for travellers up to and including age 59 or under. All other benefits remain available as standard for travellers aged one month or over on the date of travel and 79 years or under when the trip, for which the insurance is purchased, finishes. This benefit does not include cover in relation to COVID-19 expenses for trip cancellations, curtailment of a holiday, self-isolation or lockdowns. For more details, visit https://www.battleface.com/ Campbell Irvine All new travel insurance policies purchased from Campbell Irvine will be subject to new terms in relation to COVID-19 coronavirus and FCO advice. The following FAQs provide details of the changes:
1. Am I covered if I decide to travel against FCO advice? There is no cover if you travel anywhere that is contrary to FCO advice. 2. Does my policy cover me if I and diagnosed with Coronavirus whilst travelling overseas? Yes, all necessary medical emergency and associated expenses will be covered. 3. Am I covered if the FCO advice changes before I travel? If you purchased your Single Trip travel insurance prior to the change of FCO advice and you have not yet departed, then your policy will no longer provide any cover whatsoever. You may either defer the period of cover under your policy or apply for a full refund of premium. 4. Am I covered in the FCO advice changes after I travel? If you purchased your Single Trip policy prior to the change of FCO advice and have already departed, then full policy cover will continue to apply provided that you follow all UK, local Government or equivalent advice…
See https://www.campbellirvinedirect.com/ for the remainder of the FAQs. Cover-More Cover-More travel insurance policies bought through their website are underwritten by Zurich and include the following cover:
Emergency medical assistance and expenses if you are ill, injured or quarantined (on the orders of a treating medical practitioner) whilst abroad, during a trip (not UK) whether due to coronavirus or any other circumstances that are not explicitly excluded under the policy wording for the relevant section.
For full terms and conditions, visit https://www.covermore.co.uk/ Direct Travel Insurance If you’re concerned about how the coronavirus will affect your holiday, Direct Travel Insurance have some questions and answers to help. The following applies to all levels of cover, regardless of policy type:
Section B1 – Medical and other expenses outside of the United Kingdom If an insured person named on the policy either has symptoms or tests positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19) during your trip, this policy will provide cover, as long as, prior to your trip commencing, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) had NOT advised against all (or all but essential) travel to your intended destination. Section B2 – Expenses within the United Kingdom If an insured person named on the policy tests positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19) during your trip, this policy will provide cover. However, it will not provide cover for the costs of any Coronavirus (Covid-19) testing.
For additional cover provided by some policies, visit https://www.direct-travel.co.uk/ for further details. Globelink Globelink extends cover on all its travel insurance products to include Cancellation and Curtailment cover, in addition to Emergency Medical and Repatriation if you contract COVID-19 (Coronavirus) within 14 days of your trip. Insurance coverage now provides significant Covid-19 related benefits which are summarised as follows:
Missed Departure Cover from failed health screening / COVID-19 test at departure point. Cancellation Cover up to £/€6,000 following a positive test within 14 days of trip date. Curtailment Cover up to £/€6,000 whilst away. Medical cover up to £/€10 million Repatriation cover up to £/€10 million Additional expenses following compulsory quarantine on the advice of a doctor whilst away. Additional accommodation and travel costs if COVID-19 contracted during travel. 24 hr Assistance Service for COVID-19 related medical emergencies during your trip
For more details, visit https://www.globelink.co.uk/ Multitrip.com To help you holiday safely over the coming weeks, the team here at Multitrip.com have put together some essential advice for travel insurance customers. Face masks at airports Here’s a summary of what you’re covered for, assuming you are not travelling against the advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) or medical advice.
You fall ill with Covid-19 abroad and need medical treatment abroad. You fall ill with Covid-19 abroad and need to be repatriated to the UK. You fall ill with Covid-19 abroad and you need to extend your stay as a result of Coronavirus incurring additional costs. You fall ill with Covid-19 at home and cannot travel. Your travelling companion falls ill with Covid-19 at home and cannot travel.Your family member is hospitalised with Covid-19 and as a result you cannot travel. You are diagnosed with Covid-19 whilst on your trip and must self-isolate in your accommodation. You would like to claim for any cancelled excursions. You need to curtail your trip as a close relative has passed away from Covid-19.
For the precise terms and conditions, visit https://www.multitrip.com/ ROCK ROCK Insurance Group has updated its policies, making it the first travel insurance brand to provide cover when travelling against FCO advice whilst simultaneously protecting consumers against COVID-related issues both pre-departure and whilst abroad. The policies have been updated to support the travel trade by instilling consumer confidence around travelling so they can go on their holidays as planned when flight and accommodation services are still operating, knowing they are protected, even if the destination is removed from the UK Government’s travel corridors list. As well as including cover for travel against FCO advice to European countries, the benefits of the existing policies will stay the same (including cancellation as standard):
Before a trip: Cover if a customer tests positive for coronavirus within 14 days before their holiday Cover if they have been hospitalised within 28 days of their holiday Cover if they are not allowed to board their flight as a result of a positive coronavirus test or raised temperature The policy can be cancelled if the UK or the customer’s local area enters lockdown again within 14 days of purchase During a trip: Cover if they have checked in at their holiday accommodation but the property needs to close as a result of the coronavirus Medical cover included if they catch coronavirus whilst abroad Cover if it is medically necessary to bring the customer home Cover for additional accommodation and travelling costs if they contract coronavirus whilst abroad
For further details, visit https://www.rockinsurance.com/ Staysure Time to dip your toes back in the water. Explore those cities and escape the everyday. When you’re ready to rediscover holidays, Staysure has got you covered with award-winning travel insurance. All travel insurance policies with Staysure include COVID-19 cover at no extra cost. So if the FCDO say it’s safe to travel to your destination, you can travel with peace of mind knowing they’ll cover you for the following:
Cancelling your trip if you have COVID-19 within 14 days of travelling* Emergency medical expenses abroad** Repatriation to help you get back home** Cancellation and repatriation cover if you’re denied boarding with a positive test for COVID-19 Additional accommodation and transport if deemed necessary by our medical officer Daily benefit if you are ordered to self-isolate in your holiday accommodation if you have COVID-19 Cancelling or cutting your trip short after death in the family from COVID-19 Your travelling companion(s), people you live with, or people you’re staying with on holiday being diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days of travel
See https://www.staysure.co.uk/ for further details. Know of some other UK travel insurance providers that should be on our list? Feel free to contact us via this link!

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  1. Pre-pandemic I used to purchase a global multi-trip policy offering a very high level of cover. However, I would imagine that a similar policy now, which prices in the multiple risks of an evolving Covid virus will be quite costly.

    1. Hi Roger – I haven’t studied pricing in detail but I can only imagine your assumption to be correct. We are obviously at a time of increased risk, which means more people are likely to have to make claims, which in turns means that the cost of policies will go up to cover these eventualities. I can’t see it being any other way. If, like many people, you envisage travelling less, then it might be mnore cost effective to buy policies on a ‘per trip’ basis, rather than an annual/global policy.

  2. Just been talking to an actuary about travel insurance for the future. She thinks that the market won’t take too much of a price rise in previous prices. She says look out for all the exclusions. The lesson is read the fine print with a magnifying glass to see what is and isn’t covered.

    1. Good point, Beth. I suppose the greater the exclusions, then the less of a rise you would expect to anticipate. If the additional cover being offered is minimal, then the policy shouldn’t go up by that much. That doesn’t mean to say you just opt for a more expensive policy, of course, with the assumption that you are offered more cover. As you say, you really need to study the finer details.

  3. All the smallprint is a nightmare! I’ve looked a many policies now and it’s hard to get a good understanding on precisely what you are and aren’t covered for!

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