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Most instagrammable locations in Dubrovnik region

From photo-friendly landmarks and Game of Thrones scenery to stunning works of nature, there is no wonder that Dubrovnik is one of the most popular places in Europe. With fewer people travelling during the (post) pandemic times, you can make beautiful (Instagram) images with no filters needed. Only breath-taking scenery! Lord Byron once described Dubrovnik as the ‘jewel of the Adriatic,’ while George Bernard Shaw regarded his sublime setting as a ‘paradise on earth.’ Take the time to find out why! Mount Srđ No visit to Dubrovnik should take place without a visit to the tip of Mount Srđ, rising above the world-famous Old Town, possibly the most picture-perfect place in entire Dubrovnik. If you’re up for a hiking trip, you can take the designated trail and hike to the top, or you can just ride a cable car from the old town and get there in a couple of minutes. At the 412-meter top, you can find the Fort Imperial built by Napoleon in 1810, now a memorial centre and home to the Dubrovnik War Museum. There is also a restaurant where you can have some refreshments with the spectacular panorama in the background. Enjoy wonderful views over Dubrovnik’s old town surrounded by the turquoise blue sea and the Lokrum island in the framework, with its classic red rooftops and medieval walls. While you are there, join one of the buggy safari tours to experience off-road driving with dramatic sights, amazing nature and local farm animals. A fantastic way to enjoy a beautiful morning, sunset or afternoon! The Capital of the Seven Kingdoms Start your photo journey at the Old Town’s Pile Gate, the spot of the peasant rebellion against King Joffrey. Find the Blackwater Bay setting, where Myrcella’s port of departure to Dorne was filmed and where you can find a splendid view of the Lovrjenac fortress. Wander through the narrow streets of Old Town, just after passing the Pile bridge, where Littlefinger’s Brothel was located. Don’t miss the Revelin Square, famous for Cercei’s walk of shame from season six. Also, check the old medieval harbour and continue through Market Place where various scenes were filmed. You will also find the enchanting town of Qarth, the Rector’s Palace, and the scene where Daenerys asked the Spice King for ships to carry her army across the Narrow Sea. A special highlight of the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones experience is the Iron Throne Tour, which can be found on Od Buže street, and is a must-do for all true fans. Pasjača Beach With the bluest and cleanest sea in the world (in our modest opinion), the beach is another unmissable location for the perfect Instagram (or any other) photos. We suggest Pasjača, a small beach in the Konavle area almost hidden underneath the village of Popovići, some 30 km south of Dubrovnik. This wild pebble beach, secluded by cliffs, is renowned for its clean sea and breathtaking views. You can park your car above the hill and get to the beach by ascending steeply. No wonder it was one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe by the European Best Destinations in 2020 and one of the 20 best beaches in Croatia by the Conde Nast Traveller. Old Town, Anywhere The Old Town of Dubrovnik alone is a dream destination, a paradise for photographers and influencers. Beautiful all year long, with a different sound and tone in each season, it is worth spending many hours at different times of the day (and night) at several postcard locations. Start with Luža Square and admire the centuries-old splendor of the Church of Saint Blasius, the Column of Orlando and the Palace of Sponza. If you have an eye for details, you’ll enjoy the intricate blend of Renaissance and Gothic architecture and stone-carved ornaments. You can find the adjacent Clock Tower, the Gradska Kavana Café, the Marin Držić Theater, the Rector’s Palace and the Dubrovnik Cathedral in the same location. The City Walls are a must if you want to enjoy a skyline with terracotta roofs, white medieval stone and the turquoise blue of the Adriatic Sea. You can also get the mighty fortress of Lovrjenac, the green oasis of Dubrovnik, Lokrum, and the Old Port of Dubrovnik in your background, to name a few. Just keep an eye on the direction of light to get the most out of your videos (and in summer, wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen). Buža Café, a lovely “hole-in-the-wall” bar with a unique location inside the city walls overlooking the sea and the Lokrum Islands is ideal for chilling, sunbathing and cliff jumping during hot summer days with plenty of time-consuming possibilities. Some of the best photo spots can also be found in picturesque side streets, alleys and squares. Clothes hanging from the knits, cute shopping windows, flower-decorated balconies and windows, lazy cats dozing in the streets or doves and swift birds soaring over the rooftops… just make a choice. Explore the maze of streets in the Old Town at your own pace and pick your classic picture backgrounds. One of our favourite streets is Boškovićeva ulica stretching from Vrata od Buže, one of the three entrances to the Old Town, to central street Stradun famous and sung for its 100 and more lovely white stairs. Half-way down you can take a break in Prijeko, a street known for a line of small, family-run restaurants. Equally good choice is the street Od Puča, running parallel with Stradun, with a mix of traditional shops, museums, and galleries. Pelješac Peninula, a natural oasis A pleasant one-hour scenic drive from Dubrovnik will take you to the Pelješac Peninsula, an area of environmental diversity and pristine natural beauty. It is home to many unique experiences-from vineyards and oyster farms to historic landmarks and sights that are all ideal for posts and stories. The largest town in Pelješac, Ston, is notable for its second-longest 5.5 km-long medieval walls in the world, as well as the oldest continuous salt pan in the world. Wine-connoisseurs must visit the local vineyards and enjoy some of the best Croatian wines made from the native variety of plavac mali grapes found on the steep southern slopes of the peninsula – premium dry red wine Dingač and full-bodied, ruby coloured Postup. On the other hand, foodies can love the fact that Pelješac is home to wonderful Mali Ston oysters, which you can try fresh and raw straight from the sea. Christian Larss Kreković is a General Manager at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik. Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is a luxury resort on the Adriatic coast in Croatia offering bespoke guest experiences. 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Christian Larss Kreković

Christian Larss Kreković is General Manager at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik with over two decades in the hospitality industry. Set on the luxury Adriatic coast only 11 km from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Old Town Dubrovnik, luxury resort Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, is known for bespoke guest experiences. Replicating the ambience of a traditional Dalmatian village, the resort offers the perfect getaway from daily life, allowing couples and families to relax and reconnect in an idyllic oasis. An exquisite choice of modern hotel rooms and suites and luxurious residences provides the remarkable experience of understated elegance, chic design and top-class amenities. Christian has an MBA in Hospitality Management from Cornell University and is passionate about travel and tourism.

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  1. Dubrovnik has got all the ingredients for taking great images. Look at the blues in the sky and the seas in those pictures. On top of that it’s a really dramatic coastline. Even I could take some fantastic pictures.

  2. As a kid in the early 1990s I can remember watching the news and Dubrovnik was a war zone. Who’d have thought that one day it would look so beautiful. Dubrovnik from what I remember took a pounding back then but it sure is looking good now.

  3. There you are, enjoying your trip to Dubrovnik, then you walk round a corner and suddenly find that you are in the middle of a Game of Thrones setting. Must be a weird feeling.

  4. It’s amazing how a single word – instagrammable – can provide a vision of what a place looks like. Dubrovnik is definitely home to some of the best landscapes and historic landmarks that are perfect for sharing.

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