The future of travel in Greenland

Visit Greenland has won “The People’s Voice Award” in the “Travel and Adventure” category of the 2021 Webby Awards with a video that was selected from 13,500 entries across 70 countries. Known for its grand nature, fresh air, and space, and how it is preparing itself for the future of travel after COVID, Greenland is a country where climate change comes to the fore, with average temperature increases that are twice as high as the average for the whole world.

The winning video – originally created as a country presentation for travel trade show Vestnorden – encourages Greenlanders to travel around their own country while there were restrictions on international flights and travel. A local staycation campaign, Nunarput Nuan, was launched and embraced by its residents, with an abundance of positivity that shows that good things can come out of difficult times.

When the world opens again, Greenland looks forward to inviting you to sheep farms, stand-up paddling in icefjords, and great hikes to basalt columns and black beaches! 100% tried and tested by locals! Here’s the winning video for you to see what you have to look forward to:

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  1. Julie Humphrey says:

    There’s a lot to be said for people getting to know their own region and I’m not just talking about Greenland. For far too long, too many of us have headed for the airport as soon as we’ve got a few days off, never bothering to discover what’s right under our noses.

    • Ed says:

      If we are going to save environments like Greenland than he should be doing more to encourage staycations. I love travel and I am beginning to accept that if I only flew every other year and other people did the same it would be a step towards a better tomorrow.

  2. Sally Arnold says:

    What an incredibly Zen video! If you need a calming moment or two watch the drone shots of the paddle-boarding. All very therapeutic.

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