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Gondola on Canal Grande with Santa Maria della Salute, Venice

Top 5 places to visit in the Mediterranean

Beautiful beaches, historic port towns and a unique combination of cultures and cuisines are just a few of the reasons that the Mediterranean continues to be one of the most popular holiday and cruise destinations on the planet. From living “La Dolce Vita” in Italy’s floating city of Venice to exploring the cobbled streets of […]

Caribbean Cruises

Top 5 cruise routes for first timers

There are many advantages to taking a cruise from the fact that they’re an easy way to get a taste of a destination in a day or two to the many on shore excursions you can take part in as well as on board activities. However the best thing about a cruise is that you […]

RMS Queen Mary 2 - the ship of luxury

RMS Queen Mary 2 – the ship of luxury

When it comes to transatlantic cruises and elegance, there’s no finer cruise ship than the RMS Queen Mary 2. Built in 2004 for Cunard Line, she has a huge passenger capacity of 2,620 and offers some of the best, most luxurious activities to experience on board a cruise ship. So, what makes Queen Mary 2 […]

Celebrity Edge Cruise Suites

Top 5 luxury cruise suites

There are several cruise lines around offering more space, better living quarters and an increased holiday experience with their premium suites. But which ones are the best? Many cruise lines specialise in luxury cruising exclusively, but if you have the extra cash to spend, which rooms are most likely to make a special occasion just […]

Gourmet food on cruise ships

Gourmet food on cruise ships

There is a common misconception that you’ll leave a cruise ship at least 5lbs heavier than you were when you boarded, and although this isn’t necessarily true, there is a very good reason for it. Most cruise ships have at least 10 different dining options, some up to 20, and what with one of them […]

5 must-see cruise port destinations

5 must-see cruise port destinations

There is no doubt about it, cruise holidays appeal to a much wider audience today than it has done in recent years. Some still hold preconceptions that it is an expensive form of travel, or that cruise ships have strict dress codes, but these are simply not true. Cruising is a fantastic method of seeing […]

The most luxurious cruise ship on Earth

The most luxurious cruise ship on Earth

To call ‘The World by ResidenSea’ a cruise ship may be doing it a disservice, because, in the truest sense, The World is not a cruise ship, but the largest privately owned residential yacht on Earth. The World was launched in 2002 and features personalised 165 private luxury apartments. Each of these apartments are owned […]