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How to order gelato in Italy like a local

Like ‘fish and chips’ is to the English, and tapas is to the Spanish, gelato is a national dish that is savoured by Italians and enjoyed regularly. For two or three euros you can enjoy a cone or tub throughout the day or whilst joining the locals on their evening stroll, the passeggiata. You may […]

Brittany coast

Top 10 walking hotspots in France

Whether you’d prefer gentle walking along the shores of Brittany’s Emerald Coast, meandering winding routes past fairytale châteaux in the Loire, or leisurely strolling through the lush Provençal countryside, travelling on foot in France is one of the best ways to get about. But which is your favourite region out of the 10 below? Brittany The […]


The secrets of how to order coffee in Italy

You may or may not be aware of the importance of coffee in Italian culture. The locals embrace every cup of coffee – drinking it is an enjoyable and relaxing moment to enjoy the flavour and smell of the coffee, with friends or family or during a quick coffee break (‘una pausa‘). But do you […]

Drink your way around Provence… 6 of the best Provençal wines

Drink your way around Provence… 6 of the best Provençal wines

Making wine, particularly rosé, has been Provence’s specialty for a long time. The grapes and soil throughout the region vary a lot, but the hot, sunny and dry climate is ideal for the local wines. The red grape varieties are used because they cope well with strong sun exposure and poor soils: Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache, […]

6 reasons why foodies need to head to the Dordogne

6 reasons why foodies need to head to the Dordogne

“Good food and good wine, this is heaven on earth,” said Henri IV, the best loved of all French kings. Sitting on little plastic chairs eagerly awaiting their meals, locals and tourists chat pleasantly amongst themselves in between gazing at the beautifully picturesque landscapes through the quaint windows of the farm restaurant. The owner is […]

5 reasons you'll fall in love with Istria on foot

5 reasons you’ll fall in love with Istria on foot

Istria, dangling like a heart-shaped pendant from the north corner of Croatia’s coastline, is a contrasting peninsula swathed in Italian influences. Sometimes known as ‘Croatia’s Tuscany’, it was in fact Italian until 1945 and the flavour can be found in every corner, not just in the highly-acclaimed food. Whether you prefer the sun and sea […]