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Khiva - view of Ichan Kala

7 great reasons to travel to Uzbekistan

Why would anyone want to visit a landlocked country in the middle of the Central Asian desert? Uzbekistan answers this question many times over; against a backdrop of piercing blue skies its stunning architecture will amaze, fabulous shopping and cultural opportunities will excite and your hosts will be some of the most welcoming people you
Terracotta Warriors, Xi'an, China

7 surprises of the Silk Route

The Silk Route has connected the East with the West for over 2,000 years, acting as a catalyst in the development of China, India, the Middle East and Europe. It wasn’t just goods such as silk and spices that were traded along the route; ideas, religions, and even diseases were passed on, shaping many countries’
5 countries to visit this Spring

5 countries to visit this Spring

Daffodils are out and blossom is slowly appearing on the trees. It’s finally Spring. Many will flock to the Netherlands to see the tulip fields in full bloom but we have some other suggestions for where is best to visit this season. From the blossoms in Japan to wildflowers in Jordan and whales in Argentina,