The 5 most luxurious castle hotels (Paradores) in Spain


While in English we say “castle-hotel” meaning one of the most luxurious types of dwelling Spanish-speaking countries have the word “Parador” to denote this phenomenon. As you already understand, “paradores” are usually located in historic buildings such as a castle or monastery. “Paradores” serve to maintain the historical spirit of the country as well as to promote tourism in Spain. So, let’s discover the top 5 most luxurious castle hotels among the other hotels included in the chain of Spanish luxury hotels.

1. Parador de León, León – Hostal San Marcos

Let’s start from 5 stars. One of the most famous and most beautiful castle hotels of Spain is situated in the North of Spain, in the city of León, on the huge San Marcos square. In the XVI century this luxury hotel used to be a San Marcos Monastery and hospital. Excellent service and superb architecture represented by epic columns, spacious halls, and historical interior impress all travellers who have a chance to visit it. Who wouldn’t like to live like a king?

2. Parador de Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña – Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos

The second 5-stars castle hotel is located in the centre of the north-western city A Coruña. Being one of the most luxurious hotels, Parador de Santiago de Compostela is also one of the oldest hotels in the world. This world famous castle hotel is a combination of tradition and novelty. Special ancient design, luxurious dining rooms, excellent cuisine, spectacular greenery, beautiful cloisters, magnificent works of art – all these ingredients compose the dream of numerous travellers.

3. Parador de Alarcón, Cuenca

Parador de Alarcón is located in Cuenca. In the VII century Parador de Alarcón used to be an Arabian fortress and castle. However, the 4-stars hotel combines medieval style as well as modern. Its monumental style makes you feel inspired and safe. Discovering the castle you can imagine yourself being shot in a historical film because the spirit of the past is carefully preserved. The interior of the hotel is decorated with a collection of majestic paintings. You may also enjoy the amazing view being on the top of the fortress.

4. Parador de Granada, Granada

One more luxury castle hotel in Spain, Parador de Granada, is located in Andalusia, in the southern Spanish city of Granada. Exotic gardens and flowers, ancient halls and fountains recall a conserved past where the Arabian merged with the Christian. Visitors fall in love with the amazing summer terrace, exotic greenery and spacious rooms equipped with unique furniture and other interior decorations.

5. Parador de Oropesa, Toledo

Having been built in 986, Parador de Oropesa is situated on the hill of Toledo, the city in central Spain. Parador de Oropesa contains such facilities as comfortable rooms, lounges, terrace, swimming pool and a beautiful restaurant in medieval style. You can spend a great time there enjoying spectacular city panorama and delicious meals. The hotel preserves many original architectural details of the castle combined with subtle contemporary features.

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  1. From this list, we would highly recommend the Parador de Granada. Probably one of the most expensive and the most difficult to book room but it is is one of those places where every good traveller should sleep at least once in his live ;D

  2. antony says:

    I love Parador de Trujillo, in the south west of Spain, Extremadura. It’s Beautiful. Trujillo is the land from most of the conquerors traveled to Las Indias ( south America)

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