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New luxury hotels in Lahore, Pakistan

LahoreThree new five star hotels will be constructed in the Punjab  provincial capital of Lahore, it has been revealed.   In a press conference arranged by  the organisers of the Lahore Marathon,  District Nazim Mian Aamer Mahmood  said the hotels would boost tourism because Lahore hosted several international events each year.   The traffic problems in the city should be alleviated with the completion of the Lahore Ring Road project.

Paul Johnson

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  1. This sounds good, I wonder how these hotels are progressing. Lahore is, IMO, Pakistan’s most pleasant city to be in. It could be a good tourist destination for people who don’t mind being in a ‘dry’ country. (It is possible to get booze, of course, but not always easy.)

    Peshawar (where I lived and worked for a couple of years)is perhaps the most interesting of Pakistan’s cities. Not least because of its proximity to the Khyber Pass, and the rabbit warrens of the Old City, and the whole Wild West feel of the North West Frontier Province. There’s also the red fort there, which is pretty much identical to many others in the region – Lahore, Delhi, etc. Watch out for the dinner buffets at the high end hotels, though. It’s easy to get food poisoning from some of these offerings which sit there for hours at temperatures which encourage bacteria to multiply.

    Islamabad – OK for a weekend escape to the Holiday Inn.

    Rawalpindi – Bah! People threw stones at me for some unfathomable reason even though I was decently dressed.

    Karachi – probably the worst city I have ever visited.

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