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Terracotta Warriors, Xi'an, China

7 surprises of the Silk Route

The Silk Route has connected the East with the West for over 2,000 years, acting as a catalyst in the development of China, India, the Middle East and Europe. It wasn’t just goods such as silk and spices that were traded along the route; ideas, religions, and even diseases were passed on, shaping many countries’ […]

The world's most dangerous bridge?

The world’s most dangerous bridge?

Take a look at this! This amazing suspension bridge in Northern Pakistan, close to the border with China, is over 200 metres long and links the villages of Zarabad and Hussain. It is close to Passu which lies on the Karakoram Highway, between the black Batura and white Passu glaciers.

Attack on luxury hotel in Pakistan

Sad news is emerging of a suicide attack on a luxury hotel in Pakistan. The landmark Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar in the north-west of Pakistan was stormed by gunmen from a truck which gained access through the hotel gates before it exploded.   Early reports say that 11 people have been killed and at […]

Ten gorgeous glaciers!

Ten gorgeous glaciers!

This week Forbes Traveler has run a feature entitled “10 Gorgeous Glaciers“. It caught my eye not only because of the beautiful pictures but also because I have a particular  interest in this subject. Few of you will know this, but my  PhD was in glaciology.   Alas, Greenland – where I worked – doesn’t […]

Explosion at the Islamabad Marriott Hotel, Pakistan

The Islamabad Marriott Hotel was sadly in the news for all the wrong reasons yesterday. A suicide bomber at a side entrance to the hotel killed himself and a security guard, and injured seven others. American travellers have been advised to exercise caution and limit unnecessary travel by the US Embassy.

Luxury cruise service between Dubai and Karachi

Luxury cruise service between Dubai and Karachi

A new luxury cruise service between Dubai and Karachi has begun this month.   The service, provided by Gulf Dream Cruise, offers fun and entertainment much like any other cruise ship, and is not designed to be simply an alternative means of transport. It takes five days for a round trip and the ship has […]

Chicken off the menu in some of Karachi's five star hotels?

Chicken off the menu in some of Karachi’s five star hotels?

Amid mounting fears following a report of outbreak of bird flu virus in Pakistan, some five star hotels in Karachi are taking time out to re-assess the situation. Hotel Pearl Continental  has brought the purchase of chickens to a halt and put  the task in  the hands of the hotel’s veterinary doctors. Marriott Hotel Karachi […]

New luxury hotels in Lahore, Pakistan

New luxury hotels in Lahore, Pakistan

Three new five star hotels will be constructed in the Punjab  provincial capital of Lahore, it has been revealed.   In a press conference arranged by  the organisers of the Lahore Marathon,  District Nazim Mian Aamer Mahmood  said the hotels would boost tourism because Lahore hosted several international events each year.   The traffic problems […]