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Steve Fossett and Globalflyer

GlobalflyerSteve Fossett’s Virgin Atlantic Globalflyer took off yesterday morning despite initial reports that the flight was going to be delayed due to a fuel leak. The takeoff was not without its problems, however, as two birds collided with the plane but  the extent of the damage from this collision is not thought to be serious. Having been the first to fly around the world, solo in 2005,  Steve Fossett and the  Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer are now attempting to fly further than any other aircraft in history.

Paul Johnson

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  1. Here’s a summary of Steve Fossett’s records to date:

    1998/2002: Long-distance for solo ballooning
    2001/2002: Duration for solo ballooning
    2002: First solo round-the-world balloon flight
    First balloon crossings of Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, South Atlantic, South Pacific, Indian Oceans
    Seven fastest speed sailing titles
    13 World Sailing Speed Record Council titles
    2001: Fastest transatlantic sailing
    2004: Fastest round-the-world sailing
    Round-the-world endurance titles for medium airplanes
    US trans-continental titles for non-military aircraft
    2005: First solo, non-stop flight around the globe without refuelling

  2. I personally think that Steve is in it for the attention (like most rich people).

    There are interesting stories about him in Richard Branson’s book “Losing my Virginity” (good book).

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