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Enraged guest at five-star resort in Chile

From Ananova:
A couple are suing a five star resort after its swimming pool allegedly turned a woman’s hair green. Carolina Carreno and Francisco Vargas were on their honeymoon at a top resort in Quinta Region, Chile. Carolina’s waist-length blonde hair turned green after the went for a swim on the first night, reports La Cuarta. Francisco said: “Everything was perfect and we did smell something funny in the swimming pool but we could not anticipate what was coming.The Incredible Hulk “At first, when I saw the hair, I tried to say something funny to calm her down, but she was really angry. “And now everyone is calling her the incredible hulk!”
I have tried to work out which resort this is with a few Google searches and even by browsing La Cuerta‘s website, but to no avail. If you can work it out, please leave a comment!

Paul Johnson

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  1. I have seen people being warned that the jacuzzi at Portillo ski resort has this effect.

  2. I thought people with dyed blonde hair do have to be careful when going swimming anyway? What is it in the water that does this?

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