Iberostar Bahia, Brazil opens

Iberostar Bahia, Brazil has just opened its doors for all inclusive vacations. This five star hotel is located in Praia do Forte, only 60 km north of Salvador, the capital of Bahia State. The resort is situated in a privileged location, near the Atlantic Forest, natural lagoons, wonderful beaches where sea turtles lay their eggs. It is also an area to spot humpack whales and coral reefs.

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  1. Sarah Long says:

    Hi there Paul
    I have just seen the piece on Iberostar on your Luxury Travel Blog. I represent Iberostar in the UK and was really interested to find out how you came to hear about Iberostar’s new property in Brazil? I’d also be very happy to add you onto our mailing list to receive more information about Iberostar and our other clients who have a luxury offering.

    Best wishes, Sarah

  2. Paul Johnson says:

    Hi Sarah

    Thanks for stopping by with a comment, and welcome to A Luxury Travel Blog. I believe it was a press release that I stumbled upon that made me aware of this new Iberostar in Bahia.

    By all means add me to your mailing list for any other luxury travel news. For all mailing lists of this type, I use the address altyfc at hotmail dot com so as not to fill up my main accounts with newsletters.

    I can’t claim to read everything that goes through to the Hotmail account, but I do do occasional checks to see if there’s anything of interest there.

    Kind regards


    PS – If you’re ever intersted in sponsorship or a special feature on the site, then you’ll find links about that in the top right hand corner of the page.

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